You Had Problems with Your Computer. You Took the Computer to Be Repaired

You had problems with your computer. You took the computer to be repaired, but after being repaired, the computer doesn’t work well. Write a letter to the manager of the computer shop. In your letter you should say:

  • what happened at the shop?
  • why you are not satisfied with the service?
  • and what do you want the manager to do?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ankitha, a resident of Central Apartment. I am writing this letter to express my discontent towards the deteriorated service at your store. I was experiencing issues with the computer and visited your shop. However, post your visit from your store, it ceased to operate once again.

Let me brief what happened at your shop. One of your employees advised that the motherboard had crashed and it must be replaced immediately. They installed the latest hardware, and my personal computer resumed its functionality, and I was charged 2000 bucks for the replacement. Unfortunately, after two days, it failed to reboot.

In spite of investing a huge sum of money, the computer was malfunctioning, and I am unable to persuade with my office work. Additionally, after thorough research, I identified that the replaced item was glitchy, and it is an incorrect item for the model which I own. Hence, I am completely dissatisfied with the service offered at your merchandise.

Finally, I expect a refund for the charges incurred for repair, and I request you to inform your workers to address this issue and foster them to not repeat it in the future.

I look forward to a prompt response.

Yours faithfully,

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