You Received an Invitation From a Friend to Go Out for a Day and Accepted

You received an invitation from a friend to go out for a day and accepted, but you were unable to go as promised. Write an apology letter to your friend and say sorry.

– Why couldn’t you make it?
– How did you try to reach him/her?
– Suggest how you will make up for it another time.

Sample Answer of You Received an Invitation From a Friend to Go Out for a Day and Accepted

Dear Smith,

How are you? I am very thankful to you that you invited me to go out to spend some time in each other’s company; however, I was unable to make it and I am feeling extremely sorry for it.

Let me explain why I was not able to make it? I was ready to go, but suddenly the doorbell rang and I was amazed to see my maternal aunt. She came after a long time, so I totally forgot to go and got busy serving her breakfast. In the meantime, my mother made me remind you about our meeting and I immediately rushed to the bus station.

Moreover, I tried my best to catch the bus but I was a bit late and missed it. I did not stop trying to find another transport to reach at your place as due to the public holiday on that day, I did not get auto-rickshaws or other means of transport. Besides, my younger brother was also not at home; otherwise, he would assist me.

I know I can’t change things but I would like to make it on the coming Wednesday. I will be free on this day and we will go to a coffee shop that is near to your home and is a famous one. So, we would spend some time there and recounts our past memories.

I hope you will understand and forgive me. Hoping to see you soon.

Yours Loving,


1 thought on “You Received an Invitation From a Friend to Go Out for a Day and Accepted”

  1. Deepthi Chandrika

    Hope all is brighter at your end. The main purpose of writing this letter is to convey my apology to you as I am unable to attend our friend’s meet on the coming Saturday.

    I know you would be furious about listening to this news but, I am currently handling a big responsibility for our company’s annual meeting that is scheduled for the coming Saturday. As a result, it would not be possible for me to be present at our get together.

    Subsequently, I tried reaching you on your mobile, unfortunately, was switched off. Even though I was the first one to accept our reunion invitation, due to the sudden course of events I cannot make it to the party.

    I am disappointed to inform you about this sudden change of plan. I would be grateful if you accept my acknowledgment. Next month, I am planning for a visit over a weekend and will intimate you once my itinerary is finalized, so, we can catch up with all the gospels that happened in our friend’s reunion.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Best wishes,

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