Many people try to look younger than their age

# Many people try to look younger than their age. What do you think are the causes people to do this. Is a good or bad thing

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Today is an epoch of cut-throat competition individuals do a plethora of things to look beautiful attractive and young. In this era of high tech technology myriad of products, fitness regime and nutritious diet is available to look pretty So in this essay I intend to highlight chief reasons of looking young and the behooves as well as flinches

To commence with, nowadays lion’s share of masses de zillion of things to remain young so there are numerous reasons for the notion. Firstly in this era, multifarious cosmetics products of different brands are available in the market. A handful of people spend an exorbitant amount of cash on such items such as lotion, creamy, of ‘well-renowned brands. so people are

a craze to look attractive. Secondly, many homosapiens reckon that if they look fairer, fit and fine, they can get jobs easily as in many professions looks plays an important role for instance in jobs of Airhostess, models, and actor, thirdly numerous youngsters follow the footsteps of their celebrities so they even do harsh dieting, exercises to remain slim. Thirdly manes Believe that beauty is a combination of qualities such as nice shape

on the flip side, there is no garden without weeds it’s undeniable that a lot of human being try to hide their real age but unfortunately this not affirmative trend because some individuals are so much obsessed with the idea to look young they indulge in various cosmetic  surgeries which sometimes result in breast cancer as women go for breast enlargement Apart from this many people who try to look young are obsessed with spending huge amount of money on various products  recklessly. So defy aging is detrimental to people

To recapitulate I put my pen down by saying that obsessing with looking young & fuelled by a plethora of factors like peer pressure and media influence. However, this is a gloomy trend and should be discouraged

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Many people try to look younger than their age. What do you think are the causes people to do this. Is a good or bad thing

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