You Were Going to Start a Job Next Month but Will Not Be Able To

You were going to start a job next month but will not be able to. Write a letter to your future employer. In your letter

  • Explain the situation.
  • Describe your problem(s).
  • Tell him/her when you can start work.

Dear Sarah,

I am writing to inform you that, unfortunately, I will not be able to start the job with your esteemed organization next month, as previously agreed. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and wanted to explain the situation in detail.

As you know, I was excited about joining your company and had been eagerly preparing for the new role. However, I have recently encountered some unforeseen circumstances that have made it impossible for me to commence work next month. Specifically, I have been dealing with some health issues that require immediate attention and treatment. While I was hoping to manage these issues before starting work, it has become apparent that I will need to focus on my health for the time being.

Given the current situation, I am afraid that I will not be able to start work as planned. My medical treatment is expected to take a few months, and I believe it would be best to delay my start date until I am fully recovered and able to give my best to the job. I understand that this may cause some disruption to your plans, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. However, I believe that this decision is in the best interests of both myself and the organization, and I am confident that we can find a way to work together in the future.

I am hopeful that I will be able to join your organization in a few months once my health issues are resolved. I will keep you updated on my progress and availability, and I would be grateful if you could keep me informed of any opportunities that may arise in the future.

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused, and I appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you for considering my application and giving me the opportunity to be a part of your organization. I hope to work with you in the near future.

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