Advertisements Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers

Advertisements Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Question 1:- Is there much advertising in your country?

Undoubtedly there are lots of advertising in my country, and those are from various sectors consist of many items.

Question 2:- Where can we see advertisements?

Generally, we see advertisements on the television nowadays. We also see them on the skyscrapers and big hoardings on the bridges. Apart from that, we also see local advertisements on the railway station and bus station.

Question 3:- What advertising do you have in your country?

Well, various types of advertising are there in my country those are specifically from the household, and personal hygiene like soap toothbrush and Moreover like shampoo apart from that advertising is also about the detergent or the hardware.

Question 4:- How do you feel about advertisements?

Well, I feel advertisements give us information about the product, and we can also be aware that which new products are coming into the market so yes I feel advertisements are good. I feel very sometimes feel eager to buy them.

Question 5:- Do you like advertisements?

As I mentioned earlier indeed I like advertisements, in particular, I like the creativity they use to market various products, and also I like the music videos they play while advertising is going on so basically I like the advertisements also I like the to know the information they give about the new products.

Question 6:-Do you like advertisements on TV?

Of course, I love them. I like to see the music they play. At the same time, the advertisement also changes our mood while we’re saving watching along with serial or web series. Hence, I kind of like them and as I mentioned earlier, we also come to know about the various products coming into the market, so I like advertisements.

Question 7:- What do you think is the purpose of advertising?

First of all the companies would be eager to let their customers know about upcoming products in the market. That is the main purpose of advertisement apart from that they also give a piece of quality-related information in the advertisement itself so that they can gain the trust of their customers.

Question 8:- Do you think advertising plays a very important role in today’s world?

Yes, I think they do because I remember when I was a child, I used to buy a bar of chocolate which I used to see in the advertisements, so you know when you see the advertisement it really impacts your mindset, and we tend to buy those things which we see on the TV, so that’s how the advertisement plays an important role apart from that they also give us the information which we are not knowing about the product, so I find it important.

Question 9:- Why do you think companies advertise themselves of their products?

Well this is a tricky question let me think for a moment yes I think there are huge companies which do not need any kind of advertisement while launching a new product, on the other hand, there are companies who are not well established and they are making an excellent product, so they need to market themselves to gain the trust of their customers. If they are new in the market, they also want to build a customer base that is the main reason why companies market themselves. They draw the attention of people watching TV or in the local market by keeping huge hoardings.

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