Letter to Council for The Dirty Street

Letter to council for the dirty street:

  • Explain why it has become dirty recently
  • What problem it has caused
  • Give some suggestions.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to express my resentment over the untidy street. Many times, this problem has been taken into consideration; however, nothing practical has been done in this regard.

Let me inform you that it has become unclean owing to excretion by stray animals. The foul smell that arises from it makes it impossible for people to move freely. Besides, inadequate space for drainage exaggerates this problem, particularly in the rainy season. Residents find it hard to walk in the street.

Furthermore, it has caused a lot of obstacles. Firstly, the masses are getting a victim of many diseases. Mosquitoes breed and spread malaria, dengue and many other ailments. Waterlogging has affected the lives of people and procrastinated their work. In addition, children cannot escape from this problem as they have to spend time indoors. Resultantly, they are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

It would be great if you could rectify this problem as soon as possible. A good drainage system must be made to deter people not falling sick due to unhygienic streets. Also, a sweeper must be hired to make it clean every day for the well-being of the locals. If it is not resolved soon, we will stop paying taxes for leisure parks as well as other taxes that have been collected for community welfare.

Yours Sincerely,

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