Competition for University Study Is Becoming Increasingly Strong

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Competition for university study is becoming increasingly strong. Why are universities becoming more competitive? Is this a positive or negative development?

Cut throat competitions prepare learners to do hard work to win competitions for getting tertiary education are becoming complex. There are myriad reasons behind the complex nature of competitions.
First and foremost,  competitions are getting harder for the pupils to figure out number of students, who have real aptitude, commitment and are intelligent. For instance, due to cutting edge technology, now it has become a cup of tea for everybody to get degree or diploma online. Thus without practical knowledge and having no involvement in activities that are arranged for university learner, online learners fulfill their academic requirement. Eventually, they find it hard to do a job, where there knowledge is assessed. So, by considering these issues the nature of competitions is becoming more tough. Moreover, the expenditure of getting admission in a University is less as opposed to that of other sources. So, all and sundry get successful in enrolling there. Therefore, a few candidates get deprived of attaining their seat. Thus strong competitions only allow dedicated and entrants to take part in it.
Furthermore,  it is positive development as University will get deserved students for respective discipline. To exemplify it, when student come off flying colours in any competitions then they understand the importance of labour and the time that they give in order to secure their place. Moreover they will be punctual, honest and diligent in their employment and do justice with everyone. This hard competitions will prepare them for future jobs. What’s more, gender disparity will diminish as candidates who deserve, will be able to get the place in university.

In conclusion, thus, rigid nature of competitive exams can assist the universities to a ascertain right pupil having aptitude, dedication for their study and these exams will be helpful in mitigating discrimination between male and female. Thus, these are conducive to maintain the decorum of any university or institution.

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