Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

  • When It Was?
  • What crime it was?
  • Why did you get involved?
  • How did you feel?

Sample 1

Well, it has been seen that wittingly or unwittingly, we make lots of mistakes and turn in crimes. Most people commit crimes in some situations when they totally get depressed and unable to find an alternative, some crimes are too serious and totally unacceptable, and these crimes need a wealthy Justice and also make an integral part of life when we commit a crime and also find justice from them and here I would like to talk about a situation when I was involved in a crime. I vividly remember that time during the Covid 19 pandemic when the government was announced a complete lockdown for a month due to rapidly increased infection between people and also made some laws to prevent that infection. Moreover, I was in a massive dilemma because I never wanted to miss my daily routine like a morning walk in a park because I wanted to maintain body fitness as well. Apart from that, I didn’t want to break the rules and regulations of the government. Afterwards, I tried an abundance of times to get approval from local authorities, but I got failed every time, and I was on the verge of tears. Surprisingly, suddenly my friend Rahul gave me advice about continuing my daily walk without any hurdles. I thought I was foolish to get engaged in the words of a friend he gave a piece of advice you should prefer to go for a walk in the morning time 4 AM because that time no one can notice you over the roads as well in the park I thought it was a right time and I immediately accepted his suggestion apart from that. Finally, after one day, I went for a walk, and I was on cloud9. That happiness would be lost in a few minutes there. Were two policemen came toward me. I tried to run, but the torchlights and I got caught red-handed, and it was a serious situation for me because I never wanted to be caught in front of them and I felt embarrassed, and they gave me a strict warning. I also felt humiliated when they took my picture on my mobile phone. They also marked me with the tag of the culprit, and I pretended to cry. But policemen also showed mercy when they saw my face and addressed me as a mentor suggested to me, and I immediately took an oath myself that I would not go outside until the government lifted the restrictions. At the same time, that was the time when I committed the crime and also being a part of that.

Sample 2

People don’t usually commit crimes during my college days a small incident which I wouldn’t tell it as a crime, but incident this we jumped out of the college during the peak time 4th year of my college enough time, so we have decided to jump out and go to a movie it was during the evening has so are teachers with casual at that time and did not find our story. Along with my friends, it was very difficult in the beginning because the wall was too huge; my friend helped me in climbing the walls and successfully reached out because we were so stressed out because of the presentation which we had to do for the final year project the main reason was good fun with my friends because it was during the last days of a college after that incident my too good photos and post it on social media I would tell this is one of the best memorable experience during my college days I can go back to those times.

Follow-ups of Describe a Crime You Were Involved in

Question 1:- Why do people commit crimes?

Answer 1:- A lot of situations when most people do offence in their surroundings because they don’t know about the rules and regulations and law enforcement in their home town apart from that of poverty is one of the biggest reasons among the youngsters, and they need to do a lot of things to fulfil their goals and desire, so they engaged with bad errands and impossible to get out from then and also to snatch the chains and mobile phones from the people those running on the roads, so I think that is the main and biggest reason.

Answer 2:- People commit crimes because they don’t have a purpose in their life have a basic knowledge of what they are doing and what it is to be done in their life. If they don’t get what they want, they make a lot of mistakes which results in fire consequences and situations that people shouldn’t fall into

Question 2:- What kind of punishment did people get, if they commit a crime?

Answer 1:- Well, in terms of punishment, it totally depends on the criminal activities. When they are involved in, because some of the punishments are quite strict and it also considered as hard punishments against the culprits .there are some punishment such small and big punishments and some punishments are to be crucial for prisons or when they were committing any criminal activities like murder and robbery. Afterwards, there are some laws to control this kind of act which fulfil that inappropriate punishment manner like a death sentence and putting the culprits behind bars. Moreover, acc to small punishment, there should be imposed and penalizing while breaking the rules with handsome charges.

Answer 2:- So many punishments have been committed. If it is a first-degree crime, then people should be hung if it is a second degree or a third-degree, then people have to be put behind. If it is a minor offence, then people can get just the pay the fine.

Question 3:- What is the contribution of society in making a person a culprit?

Answer 1:- Well, a lot of situations when people get involved in their surroundings like criminal activity. However, violence is one of the key principal among the people to become arrogant and encouraging to commit criminal activities and a serious offences. Apart from that bad company is also considered the biggest problem in youngsters which eventually leads to them become fishy and interacted with negative elements, so they get willing to do such kind of activities like robbery snatching and breaking laws. Therefore, I think that these kinds of things people get negatively influenced by the nearby ambience.

Answer 2:- Society always wants the people proper way, but if a person commits a crime, then society should respond immediately and talk to the police and make sure that the person is receiving proper punishment, so society plays an important role in reporting.

Question 4:- Have you ever witnessed any crime in your life?

Answer 1:- Well, I don’t have any kind of experience with my naked eye. Apart from that, I always enjoy my good company and always interact with wealthy people in my life as well. Apart from that, a lot of time, I often see crimes videos while people who committed the crime and sometimes friends share those videos and get. I remember once a time I committed a small crime in covid pandemic wave and broke the guidelines of the government.

Answer 2:- Unfortunately, I have witnessed a crime during the covid-19 outbreak since most of us did not have money to survive a person’s apartments and stole bikes and jewellery in our neighbourhood. After that crime, tip to the police, and they find the person things have been the crime is always a crime in the person is put behind bars.

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