Describe a Thing You Cannot Live Without (Not Mobile or Computer)

Describe a thing you cannot live without (not mobile or computer); You should Say

  • What is it?
  • How long have you had it for?’
  • Why can you not live without it?
  • Explain how you felt when you were without it?

Sample 1

Well, life is totally unpredictable and creates a dependency on some sort of aspects. There are tremendous things that people are unable to consider in life without them, and here I would like to talk about the most precious things in my life, which are dogs. Moreover, I have been the owner of two pets for the past three years, and I feel proud every time when I think about them. However, they are not dogs even though they are basic needs of my life which I am willing for, and it is feeling delightful when I see both of them. Apart from them, I have two breeds of dogs, one is a pug and the rest is a husky; I vividly remember that time when I was in college, so I decided to buy a pet dog. Firstly I was in a dilemma about how to care for pets. After that, I took a lot of suggestions and did research on the internet and finally, I made up my mind and I brought two pets from my saving and gave names cookie and shadow. Afterwords, now they are three years old and stayed with me. Time, they also become my crime partner, and I consider a soulmate as part of my body. I think it is a kind of love and affection which I am unable to make a difference between them because I always prefer to spend my quality time feeding them, and we also do recreational activities together. Whenever I feel sad and in any kind of serious situation and I see their face of them. That brings happiness to my face, and I feel over the Moon. Most of the time, we also do some exercise every evening, and we also do extracurricular activities. At night we also sleep together, which is one of my favourite parts. Last but not least, I never imagine my life without them, and it could be like a movie without colours, so definitely, they are my soulmate, and they are my life, and I really love them.

Sample 2

There are so many things which we come across every day in our life which have become a basic necessity, so today I want to talk about one such thing which each and every person has, and it is very important as well so one such thing is mobile so currently I don’t find any person who doesn’t have a mobile class. In the previous generation, only a few people had mobiles, but right now, even a small child does small child on a mobile. I got my first mobile during the first year of my college because that is when my parents allowed me to start using a mobile. Firstly I entered all the social media, and I used to spend a lot of time chatting with my friends and family; so important to have a good bonding with our friends and relatives, so I used to talk to them for a long time around 8 or 9 years since I’ve been using the mobile ticket for me to live without it because there was one such incident where it became the most important thing and without having a phone I completely lost myself incident where I lost my iPhone during when I was travelling in a bus, and unfortunately, I missed my mobile I couldn’t talk to my friends properly and they completely they got frightened that something happened to me.

Follow-ups of Describe a Thing You Cannot Live Without (Not Mobile or Computer)

Question 1:- Why do you think teenagers always want to have the latest devices such as the iPhone?

Answer 1:- Well, according to the modern lifestyle, we also need a lot of things in our day to day life, but the time of teenagers they also require some kind of smartphones, and phones also become status symbols for them, which makes the lifestyle easier thus, eventually leads to becoming more smarter .morovers, some teenagers are fashion freak and they already active on their a social media and also get influence from celebrity which they follow. Kind creativity among children like to develop cognitive and innovative skills while using smartphones, and they also perform well in their academics as. Well some of the teenagers like to do photography in a certain location they also take Selfies and make that time remember on their phone as well so I think it could be an important part for them and in the term of study they also do a lot of errands which make their study ambience easier .however, online studies are superior rather than off-line.

Answer 2:- There is always a huge competition among teenagers because they want to show off their status and the level of their family, so teenagers always have this tendency to buy new devices, and they want to create an unwanted competition among their friends in school or their peers in their locality.

Question 2:- Why do they often buy a new one even though they already have one?

Answer 1:- Well, in terms of youngsters, they often buy new smartphones in their day to day life. The first and foremost reason is that they like to get updates according to the modern society as well and they also know the actual feature of the latest phone launched by the company and they also do a lot of research over the internet and found these things are compatible with their life. Moreover, some teenagers like to show off in front of their friends and pretend that they are richer. after that, teenagers should be considered multitaskers .they prefer study on one phone and keep another phone for gaming purposes. However, it helps make their lifestyle too easier.

Answer 2:- Think that it is always something which they want to show off and create a huge competition among their friends so even if they have a new one they have an old one they want to buy a new mobile and show it to their friends and they think that is something fancy which they don’t understand Apple because in teenage everyone is in high spirits and they’ve always wanted to do something different

Question 3:- What do they do with the old one after buying a new one?

Answer 1:- When is a totally depend on situation acc to Indian trend old phone passed to mother and newer phone children keep it. Afterwards, while teens use their first mobile phone and also go for a new one and most of the time, they often use both the mobile phone at the same time for multitasking. Furthermore, one phone they like to keep for social activities and another phone for calling and online study as well. Sometimes they also exchange their previous phone with a newer one and get updated acc to society with an abundance of features.

Answer 2:- Most of the time remove their old phones and throw them away, but I would suggest that it is not a good practice. At least they can use their old ones as a backup so that something happens to the new one, and they can use it as a secondary phone.

Question 4:- How hard is it for parents to convince their children not to buy an expensive phone?

Answer 1:- I think this kind of practice could be hard for the parents who cannot afford some expensive and luxury phones in the term of children as they want because some of the parents don’t have a good income to go for some expensive mobile phones as well moreover, they also make lots of efforts to actual conditions of their home and interact with ground reality of their home and gives an abundance of lessons expensive mobile phones are totally waste of money and they unable to purchase for them. They try to give morals and ethics value to the children and also engage with the various possible errands, thus leading to children get familiar with their situation.

Answer 2:- Are parents should play an important role in conveyance their kids that buy expensive things, but teenagers in this generation don’t listen to what their parents still they are always in a mood to buy new things and show them to others, and one such incident is one friend buys one phone, and it creates jealousy selfishness to the other people on seeing that they also they ask their parents for to buy such a phone even if the parents or not in a situation it’s very difficult to convince them if not they tend to blackmail their parents as well.

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