Describe a Day out That Did Not Cost a Lot

Describe a Day out that did not cost a lot

  • What was the occasion?
  • Where do you go?
  • Who did you celebrate with?
  • Why didn’t it cost you much?

Sample 1 Describe a Day out That Did Not Cost a Lot

My perfect day out, I could describe as going hiking and trekking on the weekends near Mumbai City. Especially during the Monsoon and Winter, it is quite feasible to go for treks as the weather is very pleasant and the landscape is greener and more beautiful. I usually go through some trek groups found through social media, and we make plans for waterfall treks or fort treks. I recently went on a trek to Irshalgad and Avchitgad fort near Mumbai with Trek Group and a guide. Our trip was quite pocket friendly, and the travelling cost was convenient. It was a perfect nature trail small budget day trip that encouraged me to explore the unexplored places near my town.

Sample 2 Describe a Day out That Did Not Cost a Lot

Well, these days, inflation is very high in India, and we can’t expect things cheap things, but here I am going to discuss one memorable occasion when I have to spend significantly less money on events. One month ago, I got a promotion from my job on the day of my birthday… So all my family members and friends want a treat for a promotion and a birthday. So my and sister checked the price and facilities of all restaurants, and then we checked the price of the newly opened restaurants. We are overjoyed to know that restaurant fits our budget. First, we confirmed the ten reserved seats and then gave advance orders of what we wanted to eat in the evening. In the evening, around six o clock reached the restaurant and my and sister went to near reception and asked for the hall. They show the hall. We sat on hall chairs, and there was a big table around the chairs. First of all, they serve us cold drinks with snacks. Then 15 minutes later, one hotel employee came toward us with chocolate cake. I was fond of chocolate cake, and one of my friends took this cake for us. We cut the cake, and everyone eats a little bite of cake. During this birthday event, we have a lot of funny conversations and tell each other secrets, which makes everyone happy. Then serve us different pizzas with soft drinks again. The pizza taste was delicious; it was better than I expected and cheaper than another restaurant. Finally, around eight o clock, we finished my birthday and promotion party. When I reached reception for the bill, I was pretty surprised to see the bills. It is 20% less than the reservation time bill. When we asked for a recheck, the manager told us there is a 20% discount on birthdays in this restaurant. We have to pay ₹2000 … So I am delighted and decided to enjoy every birthday event in this restaurant.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Day out That Did Not Cost a Lot

Question 1:- Do teenagers spend much more money than before?

Answer 1:- Yes, I agree with teenagers spending much more money than before as the standard of living has increased exponentially compared to the past. Even the parents are working, and the average income of the families has grown too. This has led to the parents fulfilling the wishes of the children, and in order to make them happy, they do provide good pocket money too.


Answer 2:- Yes, I think these days children spend much more money on special events like birthday parties and festival days because of ease of money from parents, while in earlier days, parents didn’t give full access to money to own child.

Question 2:- How can people save as much money as possible?

Answer 1:- Investments can be long-term savings or short-term savings but are one of the best methods to save as much as possible. People nowadays are becoming aware of some government-floated saving schemes where they try to invest and a certain amount of the income they keep for expenditure.

Answer 2:- Well, people can save money by planning their budget or making a list of things they need while going to purchase; it helps them save money from buying useless things and start deposit fix amount of money from their salary for emergencies or future goals.

Question 3:- Did you ever have a bad shopping experience?

Answer 1:- Yes, I had a couple of bad shopping experiences online and at brick-and-mortar stores. It was mostly because of the quality of clothing, and when we asked for a refund, there used to be delays in processing a refund online or delays in providing the store credit note.

Answer 2:- yes, I remember that two months ago, I purchased a redmi note 11 from amazon; two days after the delivery, my phone started showing lag issues. So I have to return that product and get a refund after inspection of the phone by a technical expert.

Question 4:- Why is online shopping so popular these days?

Answer 1:- Online Shopping popularity has increased for a decade, and there are various benefits such as getting a wide variety and range of offers online while sitting at home and easy delivery services from some e-commerce websites, which makes the whole shipment process seamless and efficient.

Answer 2:- Online shopping is more popular these days because of easy access to a variety of brands and shopping discounts encouraging people to buy Things from online websites, moreover, because of the ease credit limit provided by financial institutes.

Question 5:- Do you think you can buy something from a physical store without money?

Answer 1:- Nowadays, online payment gateway like PayTm, Google Pay, Netbanking, etc., has made it so easier to do transactions from the physical store through the QR code without money. Simply, we need to maintain our bank details on those apps, and when we need to do some transaction, we can just scan the merchant QR Code, and the transaction takes place without any intervention.

Answer 2:- Well, it is impossible to buy anything from any store without money. But we can take things on credit and pay the bill according to our budget.

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