Describe a Member of A Team that You Know About: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a member of a team that you know about. You should say:

  • what team it is?
  • what role in the team this does person play?
  • and explain why you like him/her?

Sample 1

They are lots of teams already popular worldwide, and I am familiar with some sort of the teams that are related to sports activities. Moreover, their lots of reasons why I like this team very much and here I would like to talk about my favourite team which gives me a lot of inspiration that is my Indian cricket team, and one of my favourite members of this team is the king captain of cricket team he is none others he is Virat Kohli. He’s only 25 and looks handsome and tall. I like him due for tons of reasons because he has a lot of qualities to maintain the all the team in a good manner and he always gives inspiration in critical situations to the team even he also won numerous of medals and prizes in a competition, so that’s a reason India team is quite popular in the worldwide. I remember vividly last weekend there was a match between two countries, India and Pakistani, which I watched over the night. I was wonderstruck because of his techniques and strategy Indian team won this match, and I felt overhead when he was the man of the match. He also gave a small interview after the match. He said that there are a lot of situations when they feel too pressurized, but with the regular exercise and meditation, we need to focus on our goal, which eventually it’s to win every match we seek for. Moreover, my family members also like his personality. He also works with advertisements as well as series, and my elder brother always appreciated his work because he faced lots of problems in his childhood because of the dedication he achieved his milestone. Calling AL, I wish when I will have a chance to meet with his personality I never miss an opportunity, and I need to take his autograph and remember that moment in my whole life so, so that is a team member which I know very well about his quality and performance.

Sample 2

Well, coordination, Corporation and tolerance are the key factors to winning any kind of game. Whether it is a Sports game or a mind game, here I would like to speak about a person who is one of my team members in a quiz competition. The quiz competition was organised in the concluding years of my graduation. Before taking participation in this quiz competition, we had not decided who would play the role of a leader. We left the idea to all the team members, who would play best. Surprisingly, Mr Guri showed a dynamic personality, and his persuasiveness, confidence, hard-working as well, and outgoing personality, really make the other person like him. His alertness, as well as letting the other person say their ideas helped us to win the quiz. Also, he had a sharp memory, and his determination to win the contest made all of us impressed. Words are not enough to explain his personality nowadays, people try to be nice in front of others, but on their back, they wear another mask on their faces. So in the case of Mr Guri, he is really a real man. He behaves well with others, either the person is familiar to him or the newcomer.

Follow-ups of Describe a Member of A Team that You Know About: Recent Speaking Test

Question 1:- In a team, is it more important to pursue individual development or to achieve team targets?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is very important for a team member or overall performance. It also helps to enhance the overall growth of the team even in which your goals are just added importantly to each team member as they ought to the overall team. By setting in visual goals for each member of your team, you can more easily determine who is not performing to their ability.

Answer 2:- Well, individual growth is not more important than the goals of a team because if a team wins, then any person, who is participating in a team, will gain essential skills like tolerance, Corporation as well as confidence that an individual person can’t gain.

Question 2:- Do you think it’s important for children to join teams to learn to cooperate with others?

Answer 1:- Yes, they join the teams with others to learn numerous skills as well as how to cooperate with others in a good manner, so these kinds of India in Shalla they need to learn in their day to day life because it gives after months of opportunity to open the value of the children to get familiar with the outer world, so it also enhances the overall and development of their mind appropriately.

Answer 2:- Yes, it is very important for children to join a team because when they are in a team, then they will not face any discrimination and they will be highly impressed by others, and there will be healthy competition for all to win for the same target. Feelings of jealousy and bitterness will be totally removed from their minds.

Question 3:- Do you think disagreements among team members have a great influence on teamwork?

Answer 1:- Yes, I think so, and disagreements among the team members have a totally bad impact on the overall strength of the team because many team members always get demotivated from their work, and they are unable to enhance their confidence which they can’t rectify their win and play with their presence of mind so disagreements lead to several negative impacts the mind of the team members which day in can’t cover easily.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely any conflict in a team member has a great impact on their productivity as well as on efficiency. They will not have a great zeal for winning any game. There are chances of developing fault-finding nature.

Question 4:- Can you suggest how teamwork could be cultivated in classes at school?

Answer 1:- Of course, assignment work is a good teaching strategy resource showed that why the booking to get on small group students can develop critical thinking skills, exchange knowledge, share expertise, increase motivation, and improve their attitude toward learning.

Answer 2:- Well, teamwork can be developed in a class by indulging students in various activities like giving them a project to do in a team as well as assigning them to make a model. Also, quiz competitions can help a lot.

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