Describe a Person Who You Believe Dresses Well

Describe a person who you believe dresses well

  • Who is this person?
  • What kind of dresses does he/she wear?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • And explain why you think this person dresses well.

Sample 1 Describe a Person Who You Believe Dresses Well

I have a plate of friends, some of whom quote it fashion style, so here I would like to talk about one pin that is good at dressing sense. If I talk about his personality, I would say that he is an extraordinarily amiable portion, so everyone likes to talk to him because he uses good words while speaking.

Another thing is an amiable person because he wants the best Dress designer similarly. He’s a smart cookie because he knows all walks of life; in my opinion, he has a good chance of the clothes because she will Or beautiful clothes. Every day the most interesting tea thing is he completed his study in fashion design so he has noticed about the launch of another smart thing here or should plasma tee shirt track and all types of floats oh Davey are different flight serve close on a different kind of occasion for example on Diwali day veer or Kuta pyjama while on our wedding or birthday party Dave year of the shoot he’s my best friend.

I know everything about him, and whenever I want to attend any party or concert at that time, I take advice from him, and I weird that particular dress. I’m not the only one who takes advice from Deb in my village. Other youngsters should take the advice from his show. I was over the moon because he’s my friend and I can is it take advice from him anytime, and in my view, he is the most stylish boost person in my village, and he has such a good sense of clothing.

Sample 2 Describe a Person Who You Believe Dresses Well

Well, there are not plenty of people whom I admire for their dressing sense. However, I definitely did not forget to mention one of my friends, and her name is Payal; she is my childhood friend. We used to study at the same school for three years, from 8th to 10th grade. It’s been a long time, but we are still in contact with each other.

We met each other and hung out when we got the chance. Moreover, we stay in touch by employing social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. She looks moderately chubby, and so many people judge her that she should not wear tight clothes and all. But I personally love her dressing sense.

She can choose the perfect dress that fits her body. Even after being chubby, she never overdressed. She always follows the trend with a touch of comfort. I like this thing the most about her. She has her own series of unique collections of clothes. Some of them are designed independently as she is a fashion design student. She has to dress for each occasion.

She never upset her figure with her dressing sense. Her clothes were never too revealing at night, so much covered that one could feel suffocated. She is pretty modern and wears every cloth with a statement attitude, and her clothes are of good quality regardless of brand or not. She is good at contrasting her clothes and mixing matches without creating a mess. All in all, she is good and confident at what she wears and perfectly fit clothes give her a damn look.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Person Who You Believe Dresses Well

Question 1:- Do you have a favourite item of clothing? What is it? Why do you like it? When do you wear it?

Answer 1:- Yes I have one pair of T-shirt and one pair of pants which is my most favourites clothes, please close or give them to my father on my 10th birthday disclose I kept them in my cupboards whenever I send those clothes I become nostalgic. I remember my past days I love these clothes because at that time my father did not help money show T the boat me new arrow tee shirt and paint you want to did not have money.

Answer 2:- Well, of course, I have one or two clothes, to be specific, one is a shirt, and another is kind of one piece. My grandmother gifted me that shirt, and it’s been more than four years since I have preserved it for some occasions such as my exams, just because I believe that both clothes bring good luck to me. During my college exams, I wore them each time of hard exams.

Question 2:- What is your favourite colour to wear? How many items of clothing do you have in this colour?

Answer 1:- I feel an affinity towards the maroon colour, and I have lots of teachers desert in maroon colour, and I often leave year feared it, and this thing no every person in my family and also my friend know about this thing, and the most exciting thing is whenever I go for off shopping at that time I first looked maroon colour things after day I will buy another colour items maroon colour is my favourite colour because each gives me a positive feeling.

Answer 2:- My favourite colour is black, and I love wearing black. Even many of my family members and friends compliment me that I look good in black, which suits my personality. Moreover, I am afraid there are plenty of clothing items I have in black colour. Such as traditionals, jeans, t-shirts, kurtas, etc.

Question 3:- How necessary is colour coordination to you? Do your clothes always match?

Answer 1:- Definitely, colour coordination is very imperative, and yes, I have this type of pair of clothes. It is prominent to hello coordinate a colour pair of clothes because it looks good on one personality and also if you wear a shameful type of colour, it looks weird.

Answer 2:- Well, in my opinion, colour coordination of clothes is really essential in order to look good. Especially when you belong to any professional field or attend any function and will be noticed by several people as looks reflect the personality. And definitely, most of the time, my clothes indicated fair coordination in the sense of colour match and contrast.

Question 4:- Are certain colours more suitable for men and specific colours more suitable for women?

Answer 1:- Nowadays centre difference are disappear but too in my view there are some colours which Mans more loves a do while show some colours I love by the female, for example, men love to wear white, black trade and some other colours clothes while female love to hear being maroon one and another Cullercoats.

Answer 2:- Actually, I am afraid I don’t believe this opinion. Colour suitability is independent of gender. It relays on one’s personality and the tone of the skin. There is nothing like pink is girlish or black is more suitable for men.

Question 5:- Do you change your clothes often? Or do you tend to wear the same clothes all day?

Answer 1:- Yes, I change my quotes in the almost everyday record. It’s good for our health as well as our skin. If you fear shame typing the same pair of clothes price or three days in a row, then it harms your skin because there are moistures adult things which keep on our short all over paint so its very imperative to worst our clothes in change.

Answer 2:- Frankly speaking, it wholly depends on the situation. If I have to go out and travel, I will change my clothes into appropriate ones. And if I am staying home only then will I be in comfy clothes that are the same for the day.

Question 6:- How often should clothing be washed? How often do you wash your clothing?

Answer 1:- In my opinion, I would say there is too everyday shoot to wash our clothes because it should also be good for our skin. As for our clothes, because we don’t love to wear dusty clothes in, to be honest with you, I regularly wash my clothes one day leave ages in order to clean pair clean it.

Answer 2:- From my point of view, clothes should be washed every day after each wearing for the whole day or half a day. If we don’t wash them daily, there are chances of bacterial growth due to sweat and oil, making them unhygienic, stinking and unsuitable for wear for the second time without washing.

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