Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to A Problem

Describe a person you know who gave a cleaver solution to a problem

  • Who this person is,
  • What the problem was,
  • What solution he/she gave,
  • Why do you think it was a clever solution

Sample Answer of Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to A Problem

I would like to tell you about one important personality whom I admire the most, and he is none other than my father. From his personality, anyone can easily guess that he always has a calm and composed nature; whenever he goes, he creates an aura of tranquillity. Being a humble and modest person, whenever anyone asks for any kind of suggestion, he always takes that thing seriously, no matter who the person is, and gives the best solution.

Apart from this, there is a great reverence for my father at his workplace, relatives and wherever he lived. Being an intellectual and educated person, he has always helped me in taking difficult decisions in my life. On this same line, there was this decision that I had to take when I completed my 12th grade, and at that time, I was contemplating choosing engineering or medical as my career.

Then, he gave me a few examples from my life only that whenever I studied science, especially physics and chemistry, I felt more comfortable and enthusiastic and also scored more marks in these subjects as compared to other subjects. Also, I have always loved solving mathematics, whereas, in terms of biology and medical-related terms, I hated studying subjects and always ran away from them. In short, he was reminding me of my fondness for math and science.

So keeping all these examples in mind, I chose engineering as my career rather than going towards medical science, which in any case, if I had chosen then I would have repented all my life, as after becoming an engineer where I have reached now, this couldn’t be possible with the medical field. So, I always thank my dad for helping me out from that crucial situation with flying colours which has ultimately changed my life.

Follow ups Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to A Problem

Question 1. How to become a smart person?

Answer –  According to my mind, these are those people who make prudent decisions and consider every step very thoughtfully and always relate its repercussions to the future. Apart from this, this also depends on what type of field you are considering, like in technical or medical fields where extreme knowledge is required; if a person is fully updated and very hands-on with the state-of-art technological tools, then that will be considered as a smart personality.

Question 2. What can schools do for students’ intellectual development?

Answer – As per my experience, nowadays schools are devising very creative curriculum in which they add all different types of activities apart from studies like sports, art forms or organizing competitions like calligraphy or extempore competition which will definitely enhance their intellectual skills apart from their study-related areas which will help them in making wise decisions for their future.

Question 3. What suggestions will you give schools to develop their potential?

Answer – As I already mentioned that in today’s fast-paced life, schools are also trying to keep their wavelength matching with the world-changing events, so they keep changing their curriculum every year or whenever it is possible for them. But, what I feel is the most important thing in school life is to motivate and to promote the students’ passion like sports in which they are extremely talented. They shouldn’t reckon this as a stumbling block and forbid them from doing those activities.

Question 4. What do you think is more important – Nature or Nurture?

Answer – I consider, nurturing students is the most crucial activity for any parent to carry out because that lays a foundation for those children to decide what they have to do in their life and also, to understand their own ability in finding the subject in which they are interested and then strive towards accordingly.

Question 5. Do you think smart students are happy?

Answer – As I already discussed, it totally depends on the students and the definition of smartness like in terms of children who take takes wise decisions and love doing what they are doing, then they are smart and definitely happy but in cases where these children are after something that they don’t like even though they have a knack for doing it that means they are smart. Then, those students are not considered as happy.

Question 6. Why do you think some people are really good at something?

Answer – If someone is good at doing something, that means they have a keen interest in that subject, and they love doing that anytime and every time. In my case, I am good at coding because I am fond of computer programming, and I never felt bored doing it. So, it’s all about your interest, your curiosity, your enthusiasm about that field, and to learn more about that thing. Hence, these all are contributing factors, why anyone is good at anything.

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