Describe a Puzzle That You Solved (jigsaw, crossword, etc)

Describe a puzzle that you solved (jigsaw, crossword, etc.)

  • What puzzle was it?
  • How long does it take to complete it?
  • Whether it was difficult or easy?
  • How you feel about it

Well, Solving puzzles is an entertaining activity because people can make themselves relax when they solve any puzzle, and a puzzle is related to a game, a toy, or a problem. Basically, it tests the ingenuity or knowledge of a person. It doesn’t mean that only children can play puzzle games; even elders also play to make themselves more relaxed and stress-free. So here I would like to speak about a puzzle which I love to play with my daughter, and it is a jigsaw puzzle. It is very entertaining because there are different types of pieces in this puzzle: regular, irregular, double ears, and edge.

So sometimes it’s tough to put the correct piece in the correct position, and initially, when I started to play it, I was unable to put the right pieces at the right position, and I can say I spent 1 hour solving it. Still, during this process, I felt more happy and relaxed as it is considered a more relaxing and meditative game. So whenever I have free time or at the weekend I play. Now, whenever I solve any puzzle, then I take very little time instead of that of earlier times.

Puzzles really enhance the creativity and intelligence of a person because when people try to solve any jigsaw puzzle then, they use their two brains at one time. So people enhance their reasoning, visual and spatial ability by solving such puzzles.


Follow Ups of Describe a Puzzle That You Solved Speaking 

Question 1:- What do people do online in their free time?

Well, people play online games, chat with their friends as well as solve puzzles online whenever they have leisure time. In this way, they kill their time as well as get peace of mind.

Question 2:- What impact does the internet have on schools?

Well, schools have been upgraded with the internet. Now schools are equipped with the latest technology, which enables the students to be updated with cutting edge technology as well as the internet helps schools in running online classes during unforeseen circumstances.

Question 3:- Do you think many people waste their time online?

Get some people vista time online they don’t do any productive ok use internet only for playing games uploading unnecessary information on social media. Hence, they just do it for entertainment purposes, and such kind of things create anarchy in society.

Question 4:- What can people do with the Internet in the future? And how?

People can create many apps or programs in the future with the help of the latest technology. Now there are many apps that update youngsters, especially teenagers, to make them proficient in mathematic skills or mechanical skills. So this will help them in future to create unique things which will be helpful for them in their routine as well as for the society.

Question 5:- In what ways can people get information nowadays?

People get information in many ways. They get information via the internet, newspaper billboards as well as radio. The audiovisual method is considered genuinely good to get information.

Question 6:- What’s the difference in getting information from the library and the newspaper?

The information that is received from the library is outdated, while the information in the newspaper is the latest, and very few people go to the library. In contrast, the habit of reading newspaper is seen in every house. So people mostly believe in printed news instead of the news in the library.

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