Describe a Rule You Did Not Like in School

Describe a rule you did not like in school; You should say:-

  • what it was?
  • how did others think about this rule?
  • have you ever violated this rule?
  • and explain why you did not like this rule?

Sample 1

School plays an important role in our life as this makes our platform is the first step of our journey of education. However, there are certain rules in schools which I don’t prefer, and today I am going to talk about one of these rules.

This rule was regarding Internet lab. I was studying in Superking school in my hometown, and it was an era when computers were just introduced in schools. We were certainly amazed by these machines at that time and wanted to practice as much as possible. However, there was an annoying rule by our school administration, which was not allowing us to access these computers. As per that rule, we were not allowed to enter the computer lab, and only the 10th and 12th class was allowed to practice on these computers. I was studying in 8th class at that time and wanted to have my hands on that computer. All other students were also angry due to this rule and approached the principal several times, but all was in vain.

However, I got access to the computer room once secretly. Actually, once I missed the morning player as I was late and I found that the IT lab door was open and all teachers were attending morning prayers, I found this situation as an opportunity to fulfil my desires and approached that computer. I closed the door from inside and started using a computer, but soon after that, I was caught by our IT teacher, who later on punished me and made a complaint to my parents.

I certainly did not like that rule because knowledge shall be available to everyone irrespective of class and grade. Because of this rule, I felt that my school administration was a bit polarized towards higher education classes.

Sample 2

School is the place where children character and education base building to be constructed. It is very important to select a perfect school for children because every school do not fulfil all the study requirements. The selection of a perfect school is necessary which build child morally, ethically, study, socially and character. During childhood, the mind is like a whiteboard which you write it will print and become part of a person.

When I was 11 years old, I was admitted is high school. It is a good place with a glorious building. I was promoted from primary school, and I am very frustrated and nervous about this school. This school have a large number of younger girls, which makes me more afraid. Every school have its rules and regulations according to situations; this school also have many rules. But some rules are very odd and cause violence among students as bullying, intolerance, physical punishments giving a lot of homework, etcetera.

The rule which makes me displeased is daily homework. It is most difficult of doing homework. It is very hard to participate in extracurricular activities with a study burden. Their fear of failure makes me more pressured and stressed every—daily homework causing violence between students. Good students can easily manage their study burden, but weak students will become possessive. Such conditions cause the grouping formation among students who ranked on the study level, and that is the worse for all kinds of students. Good students become proudly, and weeker one become guilty and in future became a bad member of society. School and teachers should be trained in such a way that they undertake all kinds of students and syllabus should be arranged in such way that students can study with fun and joy, not with fear of failure.

Follow-ups of Describe a Rule You Did Not Like in School

Question 1:- Should schools have rules?

Answer 1:- Schools are the first step of a child towards education. I would say that these are the building blocks of our character and habits. The School shall have rules, which are for the betterment of children. For example, Discipline is very important in life, and it can be adopted as a habit if strictly followed by use from childhood. School can play a vital part in making these a habit.

Answer 2:- Rules and regulations are the basis of a school. Every school have its rules and follow sticky, and that be followed by all school members as students, staff and teacher fairly.

Question 2:- Should schools decide how the working hours should be?

Answer 1:- Yes, and these working hours shall be followed by every student. Actually, this gives us the habit to plan our day as per time schedule, which will further help us in future after getting employed. In offices, we are following working hours. If we do not have that practice from childhood, then it would be very difficult for us to adapt to those changes abruptly.

Answer 2:- School can decide working hours by its current curriculum under study. It determines how much time and effort is required to complete it in one year. If the curriculum schedule is lengthy, then schools have greater working hours.

Question 3:- What kinds of rules do Indian families have?

Answer 1:- For schooling, Indian families suggest that children should be educated in well mannered. Even poor families try to educate their children. They thought that education was the basis of their success.

Answer 2:- Indian families are very restricted in some aspects. For example, partying late at night, our parents do not allow us to stay late outside during the night. They force us to come before 8 pm, especially for girls; these rules are much more stringent. Most Indian families also do not allow their children to drink and smoke, which is always better for their children. Also, in Indian families, all family members are advised to have dinner sitting together, which is a good practice.

Question 4:- Do you think strict rules are needed in schools?

Answer 1:- As discussed earlier, School is the building block of our life, and there shall be some rules which need to be enforced strictly such that those rules will become an integral part of our character. If rules are not followed strictly, then it may become the habit of children to ignore any sort of rules, which they shall follow in their life.

Answer 2:- School without rules can not run. School is the place where children get an education and study how to face different people in society. The rules related to study should be strict; there are no shortcuts for study. Children should teach in a healthy environment.

Question 5:- Should students be involved in rulemaking?

Answer 1:- I believe that students shall not be involved in rulemaking as they may amend the rules as per their suitability, which will not serve the purpose. However, feedback of rules can be taken from students, but the final decision on any sort of modification shall be taken by well-talented professionals of school administration.

Answer 2:- Students are directly related to them because rules are made for students welfare. The rule for an advanced mode of study, good behaviour, speaking in English, etcetera should be strictly followed by the students.

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