Describe a Time You Got Lost in A Place You Didn’t Know About

Describe a time you got lost in a place you didn’t know about

  • When did it happen?
  • Who was with you?
  • What did you do?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample 1

Well, many times, it happens when people lose their way. Sometimes it may be due to lack of knowledge of the way as well as people are unfamiliar with those places. Similarly happened to me when I went to Himachal with my husband to attend a wedding and we were very happy while making this plan. We left for Himachal in the early morning, and winter season was going on, so it was a foggy day, and we could hardly see our way. But after sunrise, we took a sigh of relief, but we got puzzled about where to go because we didn’t know the way, so at that time, my husband got an idea to take the help of Google Map, and we followed the way showed by it. It was a great puzzle for us as I thought we were in a computer game and finding our way. We were very tired and got bored with the continuous journey we didn’t halt on the way as it was necessary for us to reach on time. Many times we observed that after struggling alot, we reached the same place where we started our journey and by anyhow how reached in Himachal and asked the strangers about the directions of the place then in the noontime we reached there. In Himachal. So that time we got lost our way and with the help of technology as well as the local people we found our way.

Sample 2

When I get time, I love travelling to a different places. Today I would like to share an experience where I have gone, but the place was new to me. Actually, it happened last year. During my life, I have never been to Delhi due to my busy schedule. However, last year me and my colleague went to attend a seminar at Delhi Connaught place, an unknown area of the capital city. We travelled by car there, and both of us were unaware of the venue of the place. We have even used a map, but it was so perplexing that we had taken an hour to reach at 10 minutes distance place. Earlier, we used a map but were in great dilemma due to extreme roads. Afterwards, we have taken consultation of the passenger passing thereby and moved on, but the matter was not solved yet, and we were totally frustrated due to this inconvenience as we travelled long back from Amritsar. In the end, we called our team manager, and then he sent a route guide person to us, and within 5 minutes, we reached the place. Till date, I have never forgotten this happening of an event that made me impatient and also irritable a lot, yet we have learnt a lot at the seminar.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time You Got Lost in A Place You Didn’t Know About

Question 1:- Do you often get lost?

Answer 1:- No, I don’t get lost frequently, but whenever I go to unknown places at that time, I lose my way as now it is a technological era, so it is very easy to find the way.


Answer 2:- Do you often get lost? Ans – No, not at all. Going to Delhi was the only time I hadn’t reached a place. Otherwise, I always take my route clear and search about the place a week before travelling.

Question 2:- Is map-reading skill important?

Answer 1:- Yes, the Map Reading scale is very important. Sometimes poor network makes us handicapped to find the way, so if we have a paper map, then we can find out the way we can see in the past, people had a lot of map reading skills, and they found the treasures, ancient forts with the help of map reading skill.

Answer 2:- Is map-reading skill important? Ans – absolutely, it’s the needs of the hour. As the spread of infrastructure leads, teach us to know the route before going in the pathway to remove the state of dilemma. So map-reading is appreciable.

Question 3:- Are some people good at map-reading than others?

Answer 1:- Yes there are people who are very good at this skill because they have read history as a subject and they know about geographical and climatic conditions of the places. While for others, it may be a daunting task. They generally rely on technology, and with the help of Google Maps, they become familiar with map reading skills.

Answer 2:- Are some people good at map-reading than others? Ans – I think so. Some people travel more than others. For example, ola cab drivers use maps daily to drop their customers at the desired place, which is not possible without the help of a map than drivers of auto-rickshaw. So we can say this those we know the use of technology prefer trying it.

Question 4:- Why do some people like travelling to other places?

Answer 1:- Well people are travel freaks, so they love to visit different places sometimes it travel by car and some time by public transport. They have Inquisitive nature, and they want to explore the world. So for different purposes, they travel a lot.

Answer 2:- Why do some people like travelling to other places? Ans – there are distinct reasons behind this. Some are Globetrotters, so they love exploring the place. However, there are others who are love travelling to pursue their hobby and spend their leisure hours. Additionally, foody is also on this list who prefer food of different towns and travel to just taste the scrumptious food.

Question 5:- Should they find information about the place before going there?

Answer 1:- Yes, people must have advanced information about the place where they are going. The prime reason is that they will not get lost and their journey will not be tiring. They can reach on time and also it will save their time.

Answer 2:- Should they find information about the place before going there? Ans – exactly, it will be the right way to avoid any mishappening as well an inconvenience. This not only saves Traveling time but also keep the mood delighted. That is what I feel. Even during the time of emergency, we can find the best way to save a life if we are aware of the route or place we plan to go.

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