Describe an impressive work of art such as painting or sculpture

Describe an impressive work of art such as painting or sculpture

You should say:

  • When you saw this work of art

  • Where you saw it

  • What it looked like

Sample Answer 1

Although I belong to Moga a district Punjab state, It is a  developing town. I have been residing there since my childhood. In my family, all the members are extrovert by nature who love to enjoy parties and celebrations.

Even though I am also too extrovert as well as, I like art so much. So, whenever, I get a chance to go to a museum, I just go there with my friends and sometimes alone.

Hence, I explain here that last Sunday the youth club of my college had organized an exhibition in the art department of the college. I went there to enjoy this exhibition.

Surprisingly, there I saw the gorgeous painting of Mona Lisa. This painting was a half-length portrait which is extremely famous in the whole world. It was created by Leonardo da Vinci. Many times, I saw it just in the newspaper, but on that day, I saw it in reality.


Certainly, the portrait of Mona Lisa is most known and one of the most praised paintings in the globe. I explain about this painting here briefly.

Basically, this portrait is of a woman named Mona Lisa who was the wife of a Nobleman. It has historical value because it is said that no one has become successful to find its origin when it was painted. Its history attracts me most because this painting was acquired by a king many time ago but now it is the property of the French government.

Lovingly, Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile attracted me so much and I like it. Moreover, its entry in the exhibition was started in 1797 but in various places, museums invited this painting on rent.

Honestly, when I saw it first, I did know much information about it but now, I am a diehard fan of this portrait.

Eventually, the painter has painted this portrait effectively and beautifully. Mona Lisa looks outstanding in it. I will remember the moment of seeing it, until the end of my life.

Gradually by my perspective, historical portraits increase the historical value of a nation and its country men.

Sample Answer 2

Well! I am not crazy about painting or sculpture. So, this is a little difficult to describe any painting or sculpture for me. But I remember one when I visited the museum. So, here I would like to talk about a painting named The Northern Nature by an established artist.

Furthermore, I remember it was in the city’s famous museum named unique art museum. After visiting there, I have learned that Northern Nature painting is among the most recognized and celebrated works of the 20th century. You know, there were hugely influential to many of the following generations of artists.  If I can vividly recall, I remember I visited this few months ago with my friend.  Describe an impressive work of art such as painting or sculpture

At first sight of the painting, I was totally shocked by its artful expression. Some may consider impressionist paintings incomplete when comparing them with classical paintings. Moreover, impressionist paintings do not focus on the exact depiction of a subject or accurate capture of any moment.

As I said, I am not keen on paintings and sculpture but most importantly I have acquired knowledge of Northern Nature. And this painting was really impressed me and that’s why I choose to talk about this work of art.


Question: Do you like art?

Answer: yes, I do because through an art one can express his or her hidden ability as well as, the creativity of the mind. Moreover, a good artist gives a message of peace and love to the audience with the help of art.

Question: Do you think art classes are necessary? why?

Answer: Well, according to my point of view, art classes are important but only for those students who are captivated for art. Art helps juveniles to show their imagination of mind in the shape of the painting, drawing and so on. On the other side, who are not interested in art classes, it is a big burden for them.

Question: How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Answer: As I told you before that art classes help a juvenile to show their hidden ability of mind and he or she can express his/her feelings through art. Moreover, art classes sharpen the minds of students and help them to improve their creativity more and more.

Question: What kinds of arts do people in your country like?

Answer: Well, I live in India and there are many people residing related to different castes and creeds. That’s why their choices or point of views are not the same. So, some old persons like paintings of their gods and goddess, natural beauty and so on. But young persons would like modern as well as famous paintings such as Mona Lisa painting and so on.

Question: What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?

Answer: Well, according to my own perspective, when a person paints a picture or any painting as his/her hobby, then he can gain various express his/her feelings of the heart through a painting which helps his mind be more and sharper. Certainly, he can choose it as a profession and sell his painting to get a good amount of money. Eventually, a painter can teach others to draw a painting and become famous.


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