Describe an Occasion when You Got Positive Feedback for Work that You Did

Describe an occasion when you got positive feedback for work that you did: You should say

  • What did you do?
  • When was it?
  • Why do you get positive feedback?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample 1

There are so many scenarios where I had received much optimistic feedback from many different people; however, today, I want to talk about one such situation where I was on top of the world, and that was during the occasion of my birthday. I visited an orphanage and donated essential notebook stationery to underprivileged children. At first, I was reluctant to do this activity; however, my grand grandmother had advised me to do something beneficial for me on my birthday, so I visited that place and spoke to the supervisor. He advised me to buy all these items. When I came out of the opponent, the supervisor and my parents had appreciated me for the social service I have I had done when they gave me Saccha positive reviews, and I was on top of the world; I was on Cloud Nine because I had never done such kind of donation previously after that I decided that I have to do these kinds of donations and I need to visit orphanages. I went back there, clicked the photos, and uploaded them on social media so my friends who so these pictures had told me that I had done a great job.

Sample 2

There is numerous feedback that people like to receive in their day-to-day lives. Some are positive or negative, depending on the situation and quality of work. Feedback is also considered a part of life, and we also appreciate it when we do good work. So many people like to appreciate our work, and here I would like to talk about feedback which I got from my parents. I remember vividly when I got the summer vacation from my college, so I had a numerous of time because I was in a dilemma about how to spend my quality time with myself. It was also a daunting time for me, and my father suggested I do something new in my life I had never done before. So apart from that, I thought about 1 to 2 days, so I finally decided to clean my park which is located in the front of the house. Due to connectivity, the park got heavy grass that the scissors could not cut, so my father recommended that once you complete that errand with the help of a machine, you definitely should award something you should like. When I saw the condition of that for it was quite heavy and large, I was affirmed a field because I had never done this type of struggle in my whole life so finally I made up my mind and started the machine, so it was an arduous task for me. Because the machine required a lot of force, I could not push forward. However, it consumed around 4 to 5 hours. When I completed the one section, I took a sigh of relief. It was one more section, so I decided to do that work in the evening. I also completed that section within three hours because I had some easy tactics to operate that machine in a good manner. Moreover, when my father came from his work when he saw the ambience of the park with his naked eye, he felt delighted; he also appreciated a lot of positive feedback. Apart from that, my family member also gave me some positive feedback which I immediately accepted; this leads enhanced my confidence. Hence, I felt over the moon, so it was the feedback I got from my father when I completed the work.

Follow-ups of Describe an Occasion when You Got Positive Feedback for Work that You Did

Question 1:- Do you like helping others?

Answer 1:- Yes, I am fond of providing help to others; during my childhood days, I did not give much thought to it but recently, when I visited the orphanage, I helped people, and I have done it very often.

Answer 2:- Yes, I always like to raise my helping as towards the needed one even it’s my responsibility to help anyone else with my presence of mind because my father gives a morals value about helping others is a wonderful training task and gesture, so I move forward who need my helping hands.

Question 2:- In your view should children be taught to help others?

Answer 1:- Children should be knowledgeable about providing social services to underprivileged people. They must also be taken to an orphanage and show them how these people are midi and, in future, what kind of help they can do when they are in a good position.

Answer 2:- Without any doubt, children need to learn a lot of things related to helping others is a kind of gesture and gratitude which children need to learn in their early stage and always ready to give help for needed one even a single hand also solve 1000 of the problem of others which eventually it’s to become a wealthy person in the future.

Question 3:- How can we encourage children to help others?

Answer 1:- With we can children to a lender pencil are their stationery items to people who cannot afford in their classes whenever we see some old people. We can now ask them to provide some money from their pocket money.

Answer 2:- They are lots of factors which we need to do and apply in the life of the children and always giving information about helping others is a very useful gesture in the modern era we need to organise a seminar for the children in which they interact themselves and also know the importance of helping others is quite a good thing for them so definitely they learn tremendous of lessons about the life when they provide any possible help to as a needed one.

Question 4:- Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?

Answer 1:- Not really people do not have much stability in their financial financially, so they are unable to help people. However, nowadays, people are wealthy and prosperous, and there are so many NGOs offering funds to orphanages. Many people are making online donations with the help of the internet.

Answer 2:- Yes, there are some problems among people who don’t have time to spend their quality time in society because they are already involved in their hectic life and dedicated their aim to money, so they avoid all the things that happen in their surroundings, which eventually they become more self arrogant and not able to provide possible help to others so this practice impacts in their life and they will suffer.

Question 5:- Do people trust others as much as they used to in the past?

Answer 1:- No, I feel that in the previous day, people used to trust one another; however, right now, they have lost confidence in members.

Answer 2:- No, I don’t think the barrier of trust is weaker compared to the Past because people in the modern era are self insecure themselves even if they have a fishy eye to take out their meaning from others and are not able to do so help in today’s society. After all, the majority of individuals are already involved in the rat race and don’t have time to spend their intentions on society.

Question 6:- How do people in your community help one another?

Answer 1:- There are so many always where people help one another within the same community. A few years back, there were floods, and our entire community was filled with water. People cooked food, and they offered it to people situated on the ground floor because their houses were flooded.

Answer 2:- In my community, people would like to give their helping ends uniquely even they also organise a small NGO which people live to interact by themselves and also find an alternative which they are seeking for moreover we also organise a small deal which people like to find helping person need a portion of food and shelter so this kind of things which people mainly do in my community and we always ready to give all possible help to need one.

Question 7:- How do students such as high school students help each other?

Answer 1:- There are numerous ways how people and ninth attempted help one another firstly they ensure that people who are unable to study they offer special classes or they go to their home and spend extra time with them and ensure that they get good grades they are and properly and they don’t have money to pay for their education then they collect funds from their parents and pay.

Answer 2:- Will there be some factors in which students like to help each other by sharing their lunch box, pencil box, and any books with them, which eventually enhance their boarding and relationship and improve the living standards they become best friends through these activities?

Question 8:- How can charitable organizations help people?

Answer 1:- I believe that charitable organizations are the only Non-governmental reforms which are assisting the underprivileged people panch from marriage people amount is given to them to the underprivileged to people who require money.

Answer 2:- They also have to combat against deterioration of the community and do social services to better the people. They also fight for the safety of public and civil rights, children’s safety and their rights and have to remove the discrimination and prejudice from the society.

Question 9:- What are some examples of such organizations in your country?

Answer 1:- Multifarious organizations in India exemplify the Rotary Club of India, which was established five years ago, collecting donations and fun and ensuring that needy people receive proper food, shelter, and clothing.

Answer 2:- They are lots of organisations or quite popular in my country the first and foremost organisation is Anmol this organises a totally paper and moneyless which people like to contribute on a large scale and dealing the patient directly without any barrier so these practices would be able to attract more people who don’t have food and shelter and sufficient funds to improve their living standards so this organisation always improve their structure of the country.

Question 10:- What do you think are the benefits of having unpaid volunteer workers?

Answer 1:- I feel that high school students can be employed to do unpaid work because they would understand how the actual society is and how people are affordable for even basic amenities. Hence, they get to know what the real world is, and they can understand the necessity is humans are required and the importance of human life.

Answer 2:- One of the more well-known benefits of Volunteering is the impact on the community. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place, even helping out with the smallest task and making a real difference in people’s lives, animals, and organisations’ needs.

Question 11:- How do you think the volunteers themselves benefit?

Answer 1:- The affluent people give donations the volunteers get some share of them either in the form of monetary influence or get loans for their college connections which is useful for their future work employment opportunities.

Question 12:- Should professionals be hired rather than using volunteer workers?

Answer 1:- It depends on the NGO in which they are working. They can either employ professionals or students who are persistent to involve in social activities.

Answer 2:- There are some factors in which volunteers also enhance the living standards. They provide paid work to worship the community. They also interact with their moral value, improve their living standards, and learn thousands of lessons about their life that they need to use in the future help. Moreover, they also meet the reality out of imagination, so this practice can help more and more to give a wonderful life in future.

Question 13:- Do you think international aid, for example from my national government to another is important?

Answer 1:- Yes, International assistance from one country to another country is mandatory in the current scenario because, recently, Sri Lanka has been having a huge economic crisis. They are unable to receive even the basic amenities such as food and some fossil fuels. A common man can’t lead his life, so coming forward to possible guns and another incentive.

Question 14:- Can you give examples of international aid?

Answer 1:- Yes, I mentioned earlier Sri Lanka is suffering from the huge economic crisis in India is helping them. Similarly, in the Ukrainian war, how many developed countries are ara their food resources, and they are helping people migrate to other countries.

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