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Academic Writing Task 1

The diagram below shows how electricity is generated in a hydroelectric power station. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram below shows how electricity is generated in a hydroelectric power station.

General Writing Task 1

Your internet connection has been slow and intermittent. Write a letter to your internet service provider to complain. In the letter:

Describe the problem and why you are unhappy
Arrange for an engineer to visit your home
Request a reduction in your bill

General / Academic Writing Task 2

The Number of car accidents is increasing annually. This is the result of poor driving skills. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Academic / General Speaking

Part 1 ( holidays) ( Barbecues)
1. What public holidays do you have in your country?
2. Which public holiday do you like the most?
3. Can you describe your perfect holiday?
4. Which do you prefer, to spend time on a beach or have excursions in a city?
5. What was the best holiday in your life?
6. Do people in your country like barbecues?
7. What kind of food do you like to eat at the barbecues?
8. Do Indian people like barbecues?
9. Would you like to have a barbeque with your family or your friends?
10. Did you have barbeque when you were a child?

Part 2 Cue card
Describe an art and craft activity that you had You should say

What you made
How do you make it?
What it looked like?
And how you felt about the activity?

Part 3 Follow-Ups
1. What kinds of traditional handicrafts are there in your country?
2. Should children learn more about art? / What are the benefits of making handcrafts?
3. Why do some people think it is difficult to understand art?
4. What can we do to make young people pay more attention to traditional art?
5. Do you think art should be included in school curriculums? Why?
6. Have you attended any lessons about art?
7. What have you learned from these lessons?
8. Do people in your country send handicrafts as gifts?
9. What do young people think of traditional handicrafts?

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