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IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 114 Recent Exam Tests Must Read These Instructions before participating in Exam.

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Academic Writing Task 1

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting a description of the correlation of the table that follows. Write at least 150 words.

Alcohal-related Deaths 2005

General Writing Task 1

Your colleague is flying to the meeting by plane from another country. You have arranged an airport pick-up, hotel accommodation and planned his / her meeting. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter

  • Tell me when and where you will meet him/her
  • Explain where he/she will stop
  • Tell him/her about other arrangements you have made.

General / Academic Writing Task 2

Many believe that living in a city offers greater benefits compared to life in the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Academic / General Speaking

Part 1 Running

  1. How often do you go for a run?
  2. Where do you usually go running?
  3. Do you like running?
  4. Do you think running is a good way to stay healthy?

Part 2 Cue Card very important cue card

Describe something you do to stay healthy during Lockdown without gym and exercise
You should say:
what it is
how often you do it
how you do it (or, how easy or difficult it is to do) and
explain how it helps to keep you fit.

Part 3 Follow-Ups

Question 1. What do old people in your country do to keep healthy?

Question 2. What kinds of sports are popular in India?

Question 3. Do you think young people should play dangerous sports?

Question 4. What else can people do to keep fit besides sports?

Question 5. What can parents do to make their children like sports?


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