Talk About a Time When Your Computer Broke Down

Talk About a Time When Your Computer Broke Down

You should say
When was it?
What were you doing?
What do you do about it?
And how did you feel about it?

Well, I am very conscious about my things, and I keep them in their right position in order to keep them safe. Here I would like to speak about a time when I was doing my work at home. Actually, due to lockdown, there was great chaos, and everything was shut down. So I was doing work at home, and I thought to meet the deadlines using my personal computer.

As I started to do my work abruptly, one of my friends, who has been living in Canada, sent me a message on my phone, and I stopped working on the computer and indulge in chatting with him. Out of the blue, an urge to take a cup of joe arose in my mind, and I went to the kitchen to prepare it. I was completely unaware of my unfinished work and placed that cup nearby the computer.

Unfortunately, it got slipped from my hands, and coffee spread over the computer. I cleaned it with a piece of cloth and tried to start the computer. Once it got started, but the very next moment, the screen got blanket. That time, I got understood that something was wrong with the computer.

So I immediately approached a repair shop, and it was an expensive affair for me to make it right. So I quit that idea and thought to purchase another one when the lockdown due to Corona Virus is over, and I would be able to get a job so that I will purchase a new one after that. Therefore, it was the time when my computer got broke down suddenly, and I had to experience a have a loss.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Talk About a Time When Your Computer Broke Down

Question 1. What do people use computers for?

Well, people use computers for various purposes like chatting with friends, working at home. Besides, for entertainment purposes, they use computers.

Question 2. Should students be allowed to use computers at school?

Yes, of course, students should be allowed to use computers in school to complete their assignments; but, pupils should use computers under the supervision of their teachers. Otherwise, lack of supervision will lead them to use that time to reach unwanted sites and play games on computers.

Question 3. What do you think of people who are addicted to computers?

Well, the people who become addicted to using computers experience physiological as well as psychological problems. They become mentally ill and experience the problem of depression, irritation as well as lead a sedentary lifestyle and become obese due to spending an enormous amount on computers. Thus they experience a lot of changes in themselves.

Question 4. Do you think computers make our life simpler or more complex?

Yes, the computer has made our life more convenient and now everyone can do work at one’s will with just one click on the computer. Moreover, now people can work and get replies instantly, and they can do their domestic chores like paying the electricity bill, water bill as well as doing online shopping. Thus Computers have made the life of people comfortable.

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