IELTSFever FREE Online Practice Test Day 8 SOLVED

IELTSFever FREE Online Practice Test Day 8 SOLVED (29-07-2020)

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Academic Writing Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The following table gives statistics showing the aspects of quality of life in five countries.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


You should write at least 150 words.


The given table elucidates the statistical data of five countries in order to show how people live over there and what is living standards of people in particular countries.

In 1982, the USA had its highest GNP of 13160 US dollars. The GNP of Egypt remained second with 680 US dollars. In Bolivia and Indonesia, the GNP stated almost the same at 570 and 580 respectively. Bangladesh had the least GNP with only 140US dollars. The USA in daily calorie supply per head also become highest with 3653 calories and lowest remained for Bangladesh in 1877. For the other three countries, it listed almost the same at 2086 for Bolivia, 2095 for Egypt, and 2296 for Indonesia.

The age of living is also highest in the USA at 72. And that for bolivia Egypt and Indonesia remained around 50. The least age showed for Bangladesh. The mortality rate is highest in Bangladesh and bolivia that tends to decrease from Egypt to Indonesia and Indonesia to the USA at 97 to 87, from 87 to sudden drop till 12.

Overall, Bangladesh remained at least in good points and high for bad points. That thing opposed for the USA in all categories.

General  Writing Task 1

spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Your child is going on a school trip abroad for three days and the headmaster of the school has asked any parents if they would like to come along to assist. You would like to go.

Write a letter to the headmaster.

In your letter:

  • Say why you would like to go
  • Suggest what you could do to help during the trip
  • Ask some further questions about the trip

Write at least 150 words.


Dear Sir,

My name is Parminder Singh and my son ‘Parmeet Singh’ is a class 3 student in your school. I appreciate you for organizing a school excursion to Disney Land, Singapore, and your kind gesture to ask us to join our kids.
I would for sure accompany my son because he recently encountered a knee injury and needs special care as recommended by the physician. Moreover, his sensitive nature is a worrying question, due to which he may feel anxious and frustrating while coping with injury. My presence will add comfort to his journey.
I am well aware of Singapore and its people. So, as a volunteer, I can ensure safety and satisfaction to children. There is a museum within an hour’s distance from Disney Land where I have worked for two years. This is a must-see for children where they can learn about art and culture. I will ask them to offer a 50% discount on our visit.
Could you please tell me when exactly are you planning this excursion? Please send me a detailed itinerary so that I can make needful arrangements at the earliest.
Hoping for your concern.
Yours faithfully,
Parminder Singh

Academic /General Writing Task 2

Many cities around the world these days are becoming more and more polluted.

Why is this happening? What solutions can you suggest


It is irrefutable that environmental pollution is one of the worrying challenges of city life. Let us consider two main reasons for this and then outline possible remedies.
One of the major causes is the city dweller’s attitude towards luxury products. The noise levels and carbon emissions released by machines have a devastating effect on the environment. Consequently, people in cities are challenged by all sets of pollutions. For instance, people are owning cars to enjoy Independence. This accounts for an increasing number of vehicles on roads which further leads to poor air quality and noise pollution. Another reason is people are producing more waste now. People do not think about the consequences of dropping rubbish and are swayed by consumer culture. They assume that concerned labor is paid for their cleaning duty. As a consequence, cities become breeding grounds that further accumulate land and air contamination.
The solutions to this problem are not easy. The implication of strict laws and regulations by the government may ameliorate the situation. Concerned authorities should impose fines to the companies that produce extreme levels of waste. Also, people who produce more household garbage must be penalized. Another possible remedy is to check the number of vehicles on roads. The onus on traffic police is to work strategically on traffic control. The efficient monitoring of roads and vehicles will provide a myriad of solutions to tackle environmental issues.
In conclusion, there is no doubt, pollution is a major concern for developed cities but coordinated action by state authorities and the public as well would be lucrative for the better city life.

Academic /General speaking 

Talk about a place where you frequently relax(not home)

You should say:

  • where this place is
  • what it is like
  • what you can do there
  • and how you feel about this place?
I believe that you can only calm down yourself both mentally and physically when you distracted enough to avoid the continuous cluttering happening in your mind. The library is one of the best places for me to relax and have a meaningful time to process the situation I have been going through or which making me disturb.  As a literature student, I am always fascinated by the patience and knowledge of a writer to write such long books. Moreover, I am always captivated by the ability of a reader to interpret those books in different ways even the ways the writers never think about it.
So, basically, when I am in the library I will be a more reasonable person because the silence of the place always helps me to give a space for myself in this continuously distracted world. Ramesh Mohan library is one of my favorite libraries. It is one of the largest libraries in India and it is at my university. Whenever I had some academic pressure or peer pressure I use to visit there and open a random book started reading to avoid all those unhealthy thoughts. Once I get back to my normal psyche, I quietly rewind all those situations and act accordingly.  Today, I miss that place badly. This global pandemic not only snatches away my college life but also the best space of mine. Having a proper library in my home is one of my biggest dreams.

IELTSFever FREE Online Practice Test Day 8  SOLVED (29-07-2020)

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