IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 26(11-09-2020)

IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 26(11-09-2020)

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Academic Writing Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The pie charts show the electricity generated in Germany and France from all sources and renewables in the year 2009.

Summarise the information by selecting and report in the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words

General  Writing Task 1

Your car insurance company has told you that they are going to increase the amount you have to pay in insurance for your car each month. You are not happy about this.

Write a letter to your insurance company. In your letter explain

  • Why you are writing to them
  • Why you think insurance should not be increased
  • What you want them to do

General/ Academic Writing Task 2

Many of today’s most urgent problems can only be solved through international cooperation.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Academic /General speaking 

Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group.

You should say:
What was it?
With whom you did it?
When you did it?
How did you feel about it?

IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 26(11-09-2020)

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2 thoughts on “IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 26(11-09-2020)”

  1. Samina Khan

    Enjoyment is always pronounced if it is gathered in a group. Different people with different level of sense of humour is always bring a unforgettable experience.

    In this context, I can’t forget my study tour, about four years back, in a group of my classmates and seniors.It was a tour of fifteen days and on every day , I enjoyed alot. It was a study tour where we touched almost every corner of India where there were rehabilitation institute and we had to explore knowledge about it.

    Since we learned alot from this tour but at the same time it was a blissful journey which always imprint a pleasant experience of my life.

  2. Task 1 the pie chart shows the electricity generate in Germany and France from all sources and renewables in year 2009

    The provided pie chart shows in information about how electric power produce from all and renewable resource during 2009.the data has been measured in billion kwh.

    It is lucid from pie charts that the highest proportion of conventional thermal in Germany which was 59.6%in 2009whereas solar was the lowest in France with 0.9%. The ratio of nuclear is three quarter in France whereas Germany almost with a quarter.

    Moreover, In renewables pie chart of Germany the biomass percentage was 39.3%while it decreased within 8%in France. There were also big seen in hydroelectric in both countries which were in Germany and France with 17.7%and 80.5% respectively.

    Overall, at Flecting galnce, it is immensely clear that Germany produced more electric power with(510billion kwh ) compared to France .

    Task 2

    In this time sometimes many problems occurred which can not solved by ony nation. In that time international cooperation are very helpful for us. In this easy, I some extend to this statement.

    To begin with, cooperation on global scales helps a certain country to effectively solve it’s urgent problems. Because sometimes nation totally hopeless to help for their citizens. In that time Nation can take help from international cooperation. For example, before some time many country suffer from crona disease but no could not anyone made medicine to control crona disease. In that difficult time, India did help to America and others country which are Famalier with india.

    However , some kind of urgent matter can not only be solved by international cooperation but specifically educational issues do not required action from other countries if government cannot solved internal problems like education system and others. For nation security any authority have not right to share information to others country.

    To sum up, international cooperation can help in urgent matter in internal matter.

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