Many cities around the world are becoming more and more polluted.

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Many cities around the world are becoming more and more polluted.

Why is this happening? What solutions can you suggest


Technology has transformed the lives of people. Now, people have the opportunity to work in urban areas and earn much. So urbanization leads to deforestation and deforestation is creating an imbalance in nature; consequently, urban areas are getting polluted.

paragraph 1:

The first and foremost reason is deforestation. People migrate to cities to seek their greener pasture and this migration leads to cutting down trees for accommodation. This move has created chaos in the environment and is making cities polluted. Secondly, people work in metropolitan cities which has raised the wages them; the resultantly increasing number of vehicles on the road is causing traffic congestion and the situation gets worse due to the release of toxic gases from the vehicles. Thirdly, people throw garbage in the open air and this creates a big hazard to the people who live there and it is a big stigma on the fair name of the city. To add to it, the dung of straw animals also makes the city untidy. Last but not least people use plastic bags more and burn these in open-air which also becomes a reason for making cities untidy.

paragraph 2:

As is said that every lock has a key, similarly this problem has many solutions. People must use carpooling if they want to make their cities clean. It will reduce traffic on the road and similarly the city would be pollution-free. Besides, people must dispose of garbage in the right place instead of throwing it anywhere. It would be lucrative to install CCTV cameras so that every time people can remain alert and maintain the beauty of the city by not creating chaos in the city. People must plant more and more trees to get clean air and in this way, the city can get the reward of a beautiful city and the example of it is Chandigarh. People would feel proud to live in that city and will make more efforts to make it a clean city.


In conclusion, cities can remain clean and beautiful with the collaborative efforts of people and the government. If the government makes rules and executes the rules strictly and on the other hand, people corporate the government by following the rules honestly and the city can become beautiful and pollution-free.

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