More People Are Getting Money and Buying Their Own Cars

More people are getting money and buying their own cars, do the benefits to the individual outweigh the disadvantages on the environment?

The paradigm shift has made it mandatory for everyone to have an automobile. Due to car culture, although people are getting immense benefits, they are damaging the environment and making the places congested. The benefits of having a car for everyone are not greater than damaging the atmosphere.

At the outset, in order to maintain the status quo or showcasing their wealth, people are buying a luxurious car by spending an enormous amount of money. Though this leading trend has benefited to individuals as their life has become comfortable due to moving pillar to post hassle-free; however, they are deteriorating their environment by overusing of their vehicles that emit toxic gases, and when these obnoxious gases release into the air, the air gets polluted. Thus it becomes a hard nut to crack to live in a polluted environment as people get infected from various diseases such as asthma, liver cancer, skin allergy, and to name but a few. Resultantly, it has deleterious effects on people’s health.

Moreover, to make the roads widen, many trees have been cut, and the places are getting congested, that is another reason of making the environment polluted. For instance, trees are a good source of inhaling carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen; however, the absence of trees on the footpaths or alongside roads makes the situation worse. People find it difficult to survive in metropolitan cities, where there is a lot of pollution is great traffic congestion. Besides, now there is no balance in seasons. Summer days are long as opposed to that of the winter season. This has happened due to a polluted environment. So much damage to the environment is due to the proliferation of several vehicles.

In conclusion, Thus, it has great damage to the surroundings than benefits to individuals. What is the use of such technology if it makes people’s lifestyle in danger and makes them a victim of dreadful diseases?

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