Nowadays Many People Are Following an Unhealthy Diet and No Exercise

Nowadays, many people are following an unhealthy diet and no exercise. Why do you think is this happening? How can this situation be corrected?

We all agree that the secret to a healthy life is eating clean food and exercising regularly. Yet, in today’s modern world, a big chunk of individuals lead an unhealthy lifestyle by consuming junk food and eliminating physical activities. This essay will illustrate the factors supporting this trend and ways to overcome such habits unitedly.

One commonly cited reason for maintaining an unhealthy diet, particularly amongst the working class, is time. Amid the pandemic, globally, people are functioning from home, which is demanding and stressful, leaving them no time to cook. This, however, compels an individual to order food or prepare instant packaged meals, thereby being oblivious to its ill effects. Meals like junk food and refined food items fill up the stomach but have no nutritional value. Indulging in greasy, preservative-filled fast-food items and getting accustomed to such palate repeatedly creates detrimental health problems over time that are inevitable. Owing to the same reason, people also avoid participating in any form of sport or exercise. With no burning of unwanted body fat, it eventually accumulates in the body resulting in heart ailments. Undoubtedly, leading a sedentary lifestyle also affects one’s physical and mental wellbeing immensely.

Despite the masses eating unhealthy food unknowingly, there are various ways to curb its consumption. The government should educate its citizens on healthy living by running awareness campaigns, advertising aggressively and teaching school children the importance of healthy living from an early age. For instance, the Food for Soul initiative on organic farm produce at subsidized rates by the central government attracted communities to buy clean cooked food at a nominal rate last season. Similarly, a strong outlook should be provided for exercise. To keep people fit, the government should make it mandatory for residential societies and complexes to install exercising equipment like bars for pullups, or cross-trainers for arm and torso exercising and some weights in the garden area. This will help people save time commuting to gyms and offer them the flexibility to work out at their convenience. Definitely, if small changes are implemented, we as a whole society will be bound to exercise regularly and watch what we eat.

In conclusion, due to time constraints, people are unable to prepare healthy food or spare time for workouts which affects our bodies in the long run. However, if taught an alternate way to eat healthily and exercising few times a week, many diseases and ailments can be reversed, resulting in a hale and hearty individual.

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