People Who Read for Pleasure Develop Their Imagination More and Acquire Better

It is believed that people who read for pleasure develop their imagination more and acquire better language skills compared to people who prefer watching television.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is commonly believed by many that the joy of reading open-up imaginative skills and elite linguistic development compared to those who watch television. I believe reading is an art and it comes with many positive sides if individuals read a lot. Firstly this essay shall discuss how possessive habit of reading help us to enhance our language skills and secondly it will argue that how digital television ruins the positive impact of reading.


Reading is an art for many because few try to learn new languages, many enhance their knowledge, and some earn creativity. Globally people read for improving skills and development, in the early days’ people were restricted to very few languages like local spoken and globally spoken but these days individuals spend money to pursue multi-linguistic skills. For example, people in India speak more than three languages daily for their communication. Moreover, reading can establish a link between knowledge and imagination if a person is a keen reader. For example, the founder of Microsoft Mr. Bill Gates once said that reading is the way to find creativity and fruitful outcomes in life.


Currently, digital gadgets are more arduous for individuals due to their technical scripts though many young people find an easy way to develop skills through this digital equipment such as television, computer, and cellular devices it distracts enormously from product knowledge. Television is also part of entertainment where one can sit on the couch and relieve the stress of the day, where the positive influence of reading books or news-papers undermines.


To conclude, it’s better to keep a balance between both activities while pursuing something as both come with their own merits. Fortunately, reading has upper hands in our life as it produces more than anything else.

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  1. Jass Sekhon

    some people believe that reading is better way to improve imagination and to become proficient in language skills. Compare to another type watching television. I believe that both techniques are beneficial this essay will discuss the benefits of reading and watching television

    To begin with, books and newspapers the cheats’ and portable medium for getting information. It can develop is would come across with new words, which are Beneficial in the growth of language. For example, if a person utilizes these words while speaking or in writing it shows his talent and personality strong . Secondly, if we read fairy tale novel, it takes us in imagination and we start assuming the character which are mentioned in the book. By this person develops his creativity and generate new ideas with his manual power

    On the flip site, watching television also make a contribution in growing language performance. These practices enhance the listening skills of person. For instance, if person usually watches Hollywood programs or movies, when they continue listening to the characters who speaks in English listening to them make us to understand the fluency and pronunciation of word improved. To elaborate, watching television program also helps to aware of language culture. For example, if we are watching Korean drama, it because essay to point out the language by observing the performance in that movie and get know about the place of language and culture.

    To conclude, this essay highlighted the positive impacts of both techniques on an individual which brings major development and improvement in learning a language.

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