Some Believe that Only People with More Years in A Company Must Get Promotions

Some believe that only people with more years in a company must get promotions. What is your opinion?

It is considered that years’ experience is guaranteed promotion of any employee in a company. In my perspective, only many years cannot determine the promotion of a person. Other factors such as persons hard work, qualification and involvement in outdoor activities of a company also matter.

To begin with, Although one cannot deny the reality that spending many years in a company bring promotion to them. In other words, every worker has started from standard payment, and he gets an increase in wages annually and transferring to another designation is a long process. So, they must be promoted. But I consider that person’s hard work and qualifications do make a difference. For instance, if any newcomer has just started his career in any firm and does hard labour to make a profit for his company; then, he must not be deprived of getting any promotion. He is equally able to get advancement in his respective job. To be more specific, what is the use of that if a person spends his many years in a firm; but, his contribution to the betterment of a company is inconsiderable. So, other factors must be considered while making any encouragement in employment.

Furthermore, if a person is upgrading his qualification and improving his communication skills; and adopting himself according to the requirements of a company; then, he is also able to improve his designation. So, only utilising many years is not only a single factor that determines the promotion of a person. For instance, in some corporations, it is expected that employees must be equipped with certain soft skills due to dealing with different clients of a nation. So, if a worker is investing his time to improve his personality, even at a young age; then, he must be pondered to get further increments. This thing will motivate them to do their best for the upliftment of a company.

To conclude Thus, I think a long time in any organisation does not tell that a person is able to get a promotion. Other factors must be met for encouraging the workers to do valuable activities for their company. If it is done, a ray of hope will arise among personnel to do hard work to get a promotion at any age within the specific time period.

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