Some Educationalists Say That Every Child Should Be Taught How to Play

Some Educationalists Say That Every Child Should Be Taught How to Play a Musical Instrument. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree? 

Sample Answer of Some Educationalists Says That Every Child Should Be Taught How to Play a Musical Instrument.


The paradigm shift has made it mandatory for the children to be updated with the latest technology to get good grades. So, children have a very hectic schedule and they have no time to entertain themselves. I agree with the statement that teaching musical instruments is a good option as they can feel stress-free from their routine and it helps in building aesthetic sense in them.


To commence with, due to cut-throat competition, children feel suffocated and have become bookworms and are highly expected to get higher grades in their studies. This thing has made them depressed. If they are taught to play any musical equipment: guitar, violin, or piano; then, they can remain stress-free and feel more jubilant. They will exhibit outstanding performance not only in their academic programs but also in the entertainment industry. To exemplify, introducing musical instruments in their curriculum would help a lot. They can kill two birds with one stone. They are able to reduce their stress as well as can build their career in this field. The epitome of it can be seen on the television that how the little champs are awarded the title of great musicians or singers.

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To continue, playing music will help them in developing aesthetic sense. They will stay away from stress and lead a contented life. In this way, they can channelize their energy in a good way. They are not mature enough so it is very obvious to feel disappointed or trap in illegal activities. If they are introduced to musical equipment, they can escape from the harsh realities of life and have more sympathetic feelings for others, and will appreciate the works of Almighty. They will be able to lead a prosperous life. For instance, nowadays, children are dissatisfied with their lives, and playing guitar or violin would be the icing on the cake. They will appreciate every art of work and their life will be colorful and there would be fewer chances of hatred, despair and to name but a few.


To conclude, Thus involving children with some piece of art is a lucrative offer because they can lead a life without worries and offspring can build their career in the music industry. On top of that, they will equip themselves with love, affection, and have sympathetic feelings for others.

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