You Have Recently Read a Newspaper Article About Your School Friend Whom You Did Not Hear: GT Writing Task 1

You have recently read a newspaper article about your school friend whom you did not hear about for a long time. Write a letter to the newspaper editor.

  • Highlighting some article details
  • Ask for some information about your friend.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this to inquire about the latest news article in your publication newspaper regarding Saurabh Jain. The article was published on 20 June 2022 on the newspaper’s front page with the title “Saurabh Jain & its achievements”.

The article focussed on the achievement of Saurabh during his academics. He was very good at studies and also a good player in the school’s football team. The article focused on his journey from early childhood to becoming a sportsperson. He is now captain of our football team and won several tournaments for our state.

In continuation to above, He was a bright student of Delhi public school, and we were studying in the same batch. We shared excellent memories of our school time. It’s been a while since to be in touch with him after leaving school, and I have always been looking for his contact details but wasn’t able to get them.

Hence I would request that you could provide me with the contact details of Saurabh Jain so that I can contact him for a reunion.

Yours faithfully

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