Some People Say that High School Students Should Study All the School Subjects

Some people say that high school students should study all the school subjects, while others think they should be allowed to choose subjects that they love or are good at. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, education is most important for everyone. It has the power to change the world also it is the key that unlocks the door to gain knowledge in each and every subject at secondary schools while some people think that only e allowed to subject which they love or like. I will discuss both the views points in my upcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, education is a part of life. Now it is also included as one of the five basic needs because this is a way to grasp the knowledge in each subject. Firstly, it helps to best ways for preparing for competitive exams. As well as generate interest in the pupils because it is an easier way where students never feel bored. Secondly, they have more choices for their future and also open the door to opportunities for employees. For example, in India, NCERT had conducted a survey to find out while more student gets their job in an interview on the basics of their different knowledge rather than on their one particular subject.

However, there are many other subjects that are not useful in High school because it is time to take the first step for setting up the goals in the place of diverse students’ minds on their particular subject. Moreover, it helps to focus on a subject that is specific in one field. Additional, they are comfortable with their academic performance without taking stress. They are physically and mentally prepared. To illustrate, many developed countries like China and America follow this strategy where students feel happy without any stress on their minds, and they fully concentrate on their subjects and goals.


In conclusion, being a human, it is important to gain knowledge with different subjects study while it distracts the children’s minds and they never focus. Furthermore, one particular field helps comfortable the student and make focus to achieve the goal.

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