Some People Think That the Best Way to Increase Road Safety

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Some people think that the best way to increase road safety is to increase the minimum legal age for driving cars and riding motorbikes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Due to the rapidly increasing number of vehicles on the road, chances of meeting accidents are greater for the walkers as well as for the motorist and driver. I completely disagree with the statement that the best way to escalate road safety is to enhance the minimum legal age for the above-mentioned vehicles. This articulation will elucidate the justification of my standpoint in the subsequent paragraphs.

First and foremost, in this modern era youngsters are found of keeping new bikes or luxurious cars. Thus, if legal age is escalated, being impulsive, they would not wait for a long period of time, and they will drive in an illegal way, and they will become a real threat for the walkers and also for themselves. For instance, minors who drive recklessly on the road and even without having a license drive and in their ignorance regarding rules of driving on the road, damage public property as well as harm the pedestrian. Thus, the rising legal age is not a wise decision as it will be responsible for making traffic congestion and accident on the road.

In addition, enhancing age for driving or riding motorbikes is not the best decision. Instead, increasing the training period, which is inadequate to learn driving, should be enhanced. So that people can learn well and would obey the rules. Besides, any disobedience on the part of drivers in the initial six months will make them realize to abide by the rules and wear safety gear while driving. Thus, it will be more fruitful for increasing road safety to save humankind.

In conclusion, Human life is precious, and to protect human beings, road safety is essential but not on the cost of enhancing legal age for driving and motorbikes as it will make way for the people to drive illegally as well as other measures must be adopted namely rising training period and too name but a few.

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1 thought on “Some People Think That the Best Way to Increase Road Safety”

  1. Few persons believe that the most effective solution to boosting and increasing road safeness would be to raise the official age limit of driving vehicles and motorcycles. I disagree with this argument that the most appropriate approach to enhancing road safety is to expand the driving age limit.

    A good reason not to increase this age limit is that accident on major roads in the city is not a function of the age of the drivers but the mental condition and health of the drivers. Thus, commuting with the right frame of mind and physical well-being, which is a necessary prerequisite for navigating the road, should be a priority among commuters.

    Another point for consideration is that the roadworthiness of automobiles and cars play a significant role in ensuring safety on the roads. Therefore, authorities administrating road safeties can promulgate a regulation to curb the use of mechanically faulty cars and bikes which some road users are often guilty of using.

    Finally, expanding narrow roads in cities notorious for having traffic congestion, which is a major cause of accidents in major roads in large cities, can help resolve road hazard. As a result of this, there would be easy movement of motorist and bike riders.

    In conclusion, I believe that increment of the official age limit is not the most effective means of promoting road safeness because there are so many precautionary factors that contribute to ensuring safety on the road of which I have enumerated some.

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