Talk About a Bar of Chocolate You Didn’t Like: Recent Speaking Test

Talk about a bar of chocolate you didn’t like. You should say:

  • What was it?
  • When do you taste it?
  • How it taste like?
  • And explain why you didn’t like it.

Sample 1

As a sweet tooth, I am in love with lovely food, especially dessert, and chocolate has been my top choice from time to time. But today I will tell you about a terrible experience with a new type of chocolate. If my memory serves me right, it was about a week ago when I was having a vocational holiday with my friend in Mexico, and one of my friends greeted me with a box of chocolate that was only made in Japan. With the first look at the label, I guess it was coverture chocolate with the almond as the filling. I was curious about its texture and taste, so I unwrapped it without hesitation. In contrast to my expectation that it would be a cocoa smell, a sour and bitter smell burst into my nose, and I almost fainted right after that. Then I bravely took a bite of it, and I would that was the worst nightmare I have ever had. The tanginess in flavour almost made me throw off, and I had to get rid of that box, although I felt pity for my friend’s generosity.

Sample 2

Well, people love to eat sweets in the form of chocolates more. I also have a sweet tooth, but I disdained to eat some kinds of chocolates that are much better. Here I would like to speak about chocolate with a better taste, and it was Belgium chocolate. It was gifted to me by one of my friends, who had been living there, and he asked me for some kind of gifts to bring for me. I abruptly said for the country’s sweets, and I was surprised that he would bring a box of chocolate for me when he reached to meet me. He gave me, and I opened the box, and I was taken aback to see the decoration of the box and when I opened it I found plenty of chocolates, and when he told me to taste it, I tasted it, but I was surprised to see that is was very better. It spoilt my taste, and I had not expected such kind of chocolate because I had never consumed much bitter chocolate. I didn’t say about it to my friend because I didn’t want to dishearten my friend. So I took it warmly. I might say that there was a great inclusion of cocoa powder and less sugar and milk made it more bitter. I thought of giving it to one of my friends, who has been a regular eater. Also, I disdain eating because it heightens my blood pressure, and since then, I have avoided eating it. So this was the chocolate that I didn’t like.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Bar of Chocolate You Didn’t Like: Recent Speaking Test

Question 1:- What are the facts about chocolate?

Answer 1:- Actually, I have no idea about the facts or history of this cocoa-made food. Still, I guess chocolate is one of the most favoured ingredients worldwide since it appeared during humans’ development and played the most important role in the economy.

Answer 2:- Well, chocolates are sweet and bitter to eat. These can change the mood of a person; if a person is depressed, then the person can be cheerful. Moreover, it is good for people who are suffering from lower blood pressure.

Question 2:- Where does Cocoa come from?

Answer 1:- To the best of my knowledge, I guess it may come from the equatorial regions of America, to which many tropical fruits are also native.

Answer 2:- Well, cocoa comes from Western African countries. It begins to produce more in the tropical regions of the equator, where the hot and humid climate is best for this kind of plant.

Question 3:- Why do people love chocolate so much?

Answer 1:- I think it must be the bitterness and sweetness whetting one’s appetite after a full meal or a snack before sleep. Also, it can be a remedy treatment for anxiety and nervousness for anyone who needs to stay calm before a red-letter day like an interview.

Answer 2:- People love chocolates so much because they love the taste and dry fruits in them, and it has the capacity to make the depressed person cheerful. Sometimes they avoid eating sweets, so a bite of chocolates makes them happy.

Question 4:- Which type of chocolate do you like the most?

Answer 1:- I love chocolate having a balanced mixture of sweetness and bitterness. If one overwhelms the other, it can cause boredom and get on my nerves.

Answer 2:- Well, I don’t eat chocolates more than once in a blue moon. I eat Kit Kat because the crunchy and waffle-like taste compels me to eat it.

Question 5:- Do children like to eat different chocolates?

Answer 1:- I would say no since children tend to be loyal to one type that impressed them at the first bite and that loyalty is hardly swayed from time to time.

Answer 2:- Yes, of course, children like to eat different kinds of chocolates because they find chocolates tastier and they like Dairy Milk, dark chocolates and kit kat.

Question 6:- Can you describe some popular flavours of chocolate?

Answer 1:- Milk and dark chocolates are top of the most enjoyed flavours since these are the basic ones that can satisfy any taster, like the vanilla flavour in ice cream.

Answer 2:- Well, they are different kinds of labour of chocolates like peanut butter chocolate, milk chocolate, Vanilla chocolate, and chai chocolate.

Question 7:- What are some products that are made of chocolate?

Answer 1:- First and foremost, it must be chocolate pies and cakes because those are enjoyed by people daily regardless of any moderation. Secondly, chocolate milk is also worth mentioning due to its convenience and can be a wake-up drink to stay awake for any sleepy people.

Answer 2:- Well, stone candies, as well as assorted chocolate bars, are the best-sold products in the market, and generally, it is seen that children, as well as oldsters, eat these as these are very crispy, and the texture is very fine.

Question 8:- Do people like chocolate cakes?

Answer 1:- I think the pigs might fly if no one loves chocolate cake one day. Due to their sweetness and sourness, people can enjoy them without getting bored.

Answer 2:- Well, it varies from person to person, but children like to eat more chocolate cakes because they are fond of eating chocolate, but other people who have a disdain for eating more chocolates usual don’t like to eat it due to high concentration of cocoa powder and less incorporation of milk and sugar.

Question 9:- Is it easy to make chocolate at home?

Answer 1:- I guess no, since it requires such a complex process that hardly any household kitchen can fulfil this. From harvesting cocoa beans to shaping a bar of chocolate, it may need a chain of machines under strict supervision before having a complete product.

Answer 2:- Yes, it is very easy now because of technology and the availability of varied ingredients. People can make it easily at home by following the instructions of expert mentors online.

Question 10:- Why is chocolate the most preferred sweet worldwide?

Answer 1:- I assume it can be a long-lasting history of chocolate and the commitment between it and human beings in any era. Furthermore, sometimes, chocolate was even a luxury item only for nobles and royals, which showed that chocolate was not only popular but also invaluable in today’s world.

Answer 2:- Well, eating sweets before starting any new business is considered a good omen. If sweets are not available, a bite of them can work well. Moreover, the flavours, texture and raisins attract people to eat it.

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