Talk about a place where you frequently relax

Talk about a place where you frequently relax

You should say:

  1. Where this place is
  2. What it is like
  3. What you can do there
  4. And how you feel about this place?
Sample Answer  For CueCard Talk about a place where you frequently relax:


There is a place called Breakwater in my side where I normally go and relax to rejuvenate myself. This place is quite beautifully built. It is made on a narrow strip of road diving sea on both sides. If we raise our gaze, we would see the city’s high-rise buildings touching the sky on the other shore of the water.

There are plenty of chairs installed for sitting but I prefer to sit on the sand at a small beachfront. There, I spend many hours on my holiday and it really soothes my soul and makes me feel calm. My wife also likes this place, since she is eager to feed sea birds and fishes in the water. My 3 years old daughter also likes the place and she makes a castle out of the sand. Normally, people visit this place on weekends; bring some food or snacks, and pass a good time with their families, especially when the weather is pleasant.

Even whenever I feel a bit sad or down, I like to go to this quiet place away from the city and to regain my intuition. This place is really beautiful and not forgetting it scenic landscape view of the city on the other side of sea.

Follow-ups  For Talk about a place where you frequently relax: 
  1. How do students relax?

In students’ life, most of the time passes through a hectic academic schedule, worrying about assignment deadlines, exams or thesis. However, normally students themselves know how to boost their energy and leave worries for some time. They do gather with other friends and play outdoor sports like football or indoor games like billiards. Even watching a good movie makes them feel relaxed.

  1. What activities do employers organize to help employees relax?

Normally employers are conducting group activities like arranging a corporate tour to some nearby destination or they arrange some interdepartmental sports competition to make their employee’s fees released from work stress, which in turn increases staff’s team building and communication with other peers.

  1. Nowadays people have more ways to relax than in the past, how?

It’s true, in comparison to the past now people have got more options to relax through various activities. The major advantages are through electronic instruments like TV, Mobiles, laptops. Furthermore, tons of online media stuff available on the internet is sometimes quite useful to relax. We can watch any sport live on TV, which was not the case in the past.

  1. Are natural sceneries are more helpful than indoor activities?

It’s very true natural sceneries are more helpful to rejuvenate your mind and soul and soothes your eyes. In contrast, indoor activities may make you feel engaged, however, we should always try to connect ourselves with nature outdoor. In this way, we get to know so much about life and life’s circle.

  1. Do you like to visit movie theatres?

Yes, I like to visit theatres for watching movies. But I am quite choosy to select the movie. By this I mean, I don’t see every movie released in cinemas. Currently, due to pandemic, we are unable to go outside, I prefer to watch movies online on weekends. Watching movies on TV in our home is a good alternative but it can’t completely replace the experience of watching a movie on a big screen.

  1. Where do Indian people like to go on weekends?

Indian people mostly like to pass their weekends with relatives. People visit each other’s homes and spend time together. This is still a usual practice in small towns. However, in metropolitan cities, people pass their time on weekends by going for outdoor activities in gardens or some nearby hill stations. If time doesn’t permit, they would like to watch movies in the theatre or go shopping in malls and dine with their families in restaurants.

  1. What do old people do to relax?

Old people usually like to read books and newspapers to pass their time and relax. Some of our older relatives visit other group members and listen to inspirational speakers. This really motivates them and guides them on their path. Other old people would like to carry their grandchildren to nearby parks and play with them.

This is the end of speaking( Talk about a place where you frequently relax )

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