Talk About a Public Event you Attended

Talk About a Public Event you Attended 

you should say:
what was the public event and when was it?
With whom did you go to the event?
Why was this public event so important?

A number of Public events are organized in our society day by day related to different purposes which has an important message to convey to people. Today I would like to talk about an event which I attend last month this event was organized in a theatre in our city.

It was about the problem of female foeticide which is prevailing to a big extent in our society. One of my good friends is a member of the club who organized this event. So he invited me to must attend the function because it was really worth seeing.

Talk About a Public Event you AttendedI went to the event with my family. There were good sitting arrangements for the guests and drinks also served to them. A drama playgroup was also invited from the Punjab University Patiala. They played a drama “save girl child” on the stage.

All artists were the students of the theatre in Punjabi University Patiala. They acted the play in such a graceful way that tears came to everyone’s eyes. They gave a message through their drama that a girl child is equally important for our society as the boy child.

The play ended with a great message gave to the audience. It was really an unforgettable event.

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Talk About a Public Event you Attended

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