Talk About an Important/special Event You Celebrated

Talk about an important/Special event you celebrated. You should say:

  • What was it?
  • When did you celebrate?
  • Where did you celebrate?
  • Who was with you?
  • Why was It special?

Sample 1 Talk About an Important/Special Event You Celebrated

From childhood to now, I have attended many special events along with casual events like marriage, birthday parties, farewell parties etc. Still, today I want to talk about that event which I really like, and I don’t have any idea that it will become one of my best memories.

At that time, I was in secondary school when we had it. Everyone wanted to go to higher study in some different states or Universities; even someone wanted to go abroad for their higher study, so we decided to celebrate one farewell on the last day.

For this we have prepared everything and the venue, where we celebrated it, someone wants to celebrate in the Auditorium of school once outside of school. But after such a long discussion with decided to organise it in our school playground. In this farewell, most of all are included except below then matriculation students. For example, school faculty and students.

The most important thing was that in the last farewell evening when everyone was giving waste wishes to each other for the future. My friend proposed to me then, and she is now the lifeline of my life.

Part 3 Questions Talk About an Important/Special Event You Celebrated

Question 1. How do people in your country celebrate events?

Answer – Well, for the celebration, everyone has an individual budget in that they celebrate their events or happiness. For example, middle-class people who spend all events in a certain range but who are rich celebrate it with their class and reputation.

Question 2. What events do Indian people like to celebrate?

Answer – In India, people celebrate everything, either a newborn baby, their birthday, if someone gets a promotion in their office or a job, so they celebrate every type of event with their neighbours and family members.

Question 3. Why do you think a celebration is important?

Answer – Yes, I do. The reason behind this is that celebrating we are the best way to express our happiness and joy movement with others. People are also getting happiness when someone Achieves their dreams which they deserve it.

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Question 4. Do you prefer big or small celebrations?

Answer – It totally depends on the budget at that time we have and the occasion too. Let’s illustrate with an example if I get admission to my dream college or university, this is a kind of celebration event that I celebrate with only family members and friends. But if I want to get married to someone, that is a big occasion, and we want to celebrate with relatives, neighbours, family members, friends etc.

Question 5. Why do some people like expensive and grand celebrations?

Answer – As I think about it, their dreams are so big, and they want to celebrate them like that in future, and secondly, money is very important, so they are enough money to waste on that type of occasion. Let’s have one example here nowadays, a destination wedding is so popular among the people, and they’re doing it.

Question 6. Do you think spending much on national event celebrations is a waste of money?

Answer – Yes, obviously, I do it just to show off. Most people are spending too much money on the celebrations for a grand event. Where they are wasting not only money but food too, that is why I don’t recommend anyone to do such things.

Question 7. How can people prepare for an event?

Answer – In India, if anyone knows no that some type of event is coming in the future, they start preparing for it 1 or 2 months ago. They are planning what they will do and what they will wear, and some people also take dance classes to dance at that event.

Question 8. Do you like to plan for an important meeting or activity?

Answer – Yes, I do because the first impression is a last impression, so before scheduling any meeting or any activity, I always get myself prepared and maintained, which is related to dressing sense and all.

Question 9. What factors should be considered when planning an event?

Answer – There are several key features we must consider before planning any event. Firstly, are laws and guidelines by the government. Secondly, we don’t have waste food. To stop food wastage, we must calculate the number of people joining us at that event.

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