Talk about a game you enjoyed when you were young

Talk about a game you enjoyed when you were young

You should say:

What was it?

Where and with whom did you like to play it?

Why did you like it?

Talk about a game you enjoyed when you were young

Sample 1:-

Well, I have played a plethora of games during my childhood such as rope pulling, jumping on moving rope, hide and seek, cycle race and so on. But here I would like to talk about a very special game named carrom board. I had a great fond of this game.

I like it because we can enjoy it anywhere during our leisure time. In my childhood, I played it with my four friends who lived in my neighborhood. I explain it briefly.

When I was young, I called to my friends to play on the carrom board. At times, I convinced them hard because they were busier in other games. Then, they came to my home and we played the carrom board on the roof of my house. We divided all the persons into four teams and kept the name of each team. Every person was the leader of his team.

We all played it with great excitement and enthusiasm. We spoke loudly during this game. When one team won the match, then we celebrated the victory of the winning team. Nobody felt sad for the defeat in the game. Because at that time, every person wanted to see a smile on every friend’s face.


So, I loved to play carrom board with my friends and refilled my soul with gladness. Now, when I meet with those four friends, we all recall the old memories of childhood.

All in all, I like it yet but in the present time, my sibling and my friends say no to me when I ask them to play carrom board. Because they are youngsters and they have other sources to pass their free time such as surfing the internet, computer games and so on.

Sample 2:-

Well, I played a lot of games in childhood outdoor and indoor with my friends and siblings as well. Today, I would like to talk about my favorite one i.e. hide and seek game. In my childhood, most of the time, I preferred to play this game. In school, I and my classmates all preferred this game during the free periods or breaks and also, I played this game with my cousins and friends at the weekends.

Before starting this game, first of all, we choose a seeker and the rest of us become hiders. Then, the game started seeker cover his eyes with hands and start counting from 1 to 10 while hiders hide in the nearby areas such as our houses if we played in street, but if we played in parks, then we had hide in others places.

Moreover, the seeker after finishing his counting began a thorough search for the hiding kids. This was my favorite part of the game because the suspense was created at that time. All the hiders hold their breath, being scared of catching. But there was someone who caught first and would become next seeker woefully. However, nowadays we used to play indoor games but I must say these indoor games never give us joy like childhood games. I really miss those days and games as well.


Talk about a game you enjoyed when you were young

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