The Graph Shows Underground Station Passenger Numbers in London: AC Writing Task 1

The graph shows Underground Station passenger numbers in London. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making relevant comparisons.

The graph shows Underground Station passenger numbers in London

The chart illustrates the total number of commuters who use the London Underground station at different times of the day.

Overall, it is a mediate opinion from the chart that the highest number of travellers used underground station in the morning and evening time in London while the minor usage of the underground station by the individual 10:00 pm.

In detail, the ratio of individuals consumed at London underground station in the early morning began at 100, and this number skyrocketed and doubled to 200 in time of 7 am. after that, the value hits its peak at 8 am, which accounts for 400. Unfortunately, this positive trend turned negative, which value takes a nosedive to add below 200 at 10 am.

Following this, the tendency of passengers who use the London underground station increased to 300 in the time of 1 pm but this number drastically touched the bottom at hundred at 10 pm don’t surprisingly the ratio of passengers sharply inclined at nearby 400 at 6 pm but again this number plummeted by hundred at 7 PM. it is interesting to note that this number significantly declined to approximately 150 at 8 pm. after a slight recovery this ratio finally touched the level of 150 at late night 10 pm.

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