The Number of Car Accidents Is Increasing Annually

The Number of car accidents is increasing annually. This is the result of poor driving skills. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The burgeoning motor industry has been said the real culprit in an escalating number of vehicles on the road, and that progress leads to an incline in a number of mishappenings on the road. I agree with it as people are ignorant about traffic rules, and an unregulated traffic system is making the situation worse.

To commence with, the reason behind a surge in the number of accidents yearly is ignorance about traffic rules. To elaborate, although people are conscious about traffic rules, yet they break the rules by reckless driving, as well as poor physical skills such as holding the steering wheel incorrectly, coasting the clutch, clutching before braking and to name but a few. Out of many, these a few reasons become the cause of deaths on the road. What’s more, now and then, inexperience is also responsible for making them poor driver and young blood in order to overtake others, put their lives in peril, and they become vulnerable to others.

Furthermore, an unregulated traffic system has a big hand in creating havoc on the roads. To be specific, persons below 18 are driving, and if they are caught red-handed, they are freed by the traffic authorities by penalising them a small amount. Thus this attitude of the authorities stimulate them, and the teenagers remain unchained. Besides, sometimes learners do not attend training schools to learn how to drive safely, and they obtain a licence by paying a huge amount. This seems to be true in that case when a person wants to swim and has proper safety equipment, but he gets failed to use those in case of trouble. If their driving is monitored, then they can save themselves as well as others.

In conclusion, Thus, poor driving skills is a great hazard not only to the drivers but also to the other people who walk on the road. Apart from it, the lack of constant monitoring is another reason, especially when people try to disobey the traffic rules and overtake others.

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