Traditional Ideas From Older People About the Way to Live

Traditional ideas from older people about the way to live and behave are not helpful to young people and their futures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Oldsters have always remained a treasure of knowledge for the young blood. Old ideas from them are considered not conducive for the youngsters regarding how to live and treat others. I completely disagree with the statement as ideas from older adults are viable for doing anything due to their year’s life experience.

At the outset, being an experienced member of society, older people can share their experiences with youngsters and can guide them in different phases of life. It is owing to their involvement in different occupations as well as interacting with varied types of masses. So, youngsters can get valuable life lessons regarding improving their lives as well as making plans for the future. In this way, they would be able to get name and fame shortly as the maxim that the hailstones are eaten, and the wise man’s words are revealed later on.

In addition, today’s scenario can depict the reality of how people are reviving their old culture, ethnic wear on auspicious occasions. Even they are adopting a traditional way of living, namely using the hearth to prepare food and drinking water from pitchers. Thus, old ideas from mature people assist them in improving their lives. What’s more, their simplicity and behavior have an everlasting effect on youngsters. By adopting traditional thinking, youngsters can learn how to respect others and lead their life with content. Therefore, old ideas from elderly persons are highly valuable to learn how to lead a life and behave with others.

In conclusion, Thus, oldsters ideas are highly valued in society, and they act as a guide for the young minds to make their life better and behave well. In this way, youngsters can lead a prosperous life, and they will motivate others to follow their footprints to have a harmonious and blissful life.

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