Weddings Are Getting More Extensive and More Expensive: Writing Task 2

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Weddings are getting more extensive and more expensive. What is the reason for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

Sample 1

People’s ideas about celebrating marriages have changed with the changing times. In the contemporary epoch, it is often seen that marriages are getting bigger and more costly. Out of many reasons, the influence of famous celebrities and maintaining social status are a few. In my perspective, it is a negative development as individuals become spendthrifts and food is wasted a lot.

First of all, weddings are celebrated in a grand style by individuals under the influence of celebrities. As celebrities do, common people also love to organise it in a similar way to come into the limelight, and they become famous worldwide by uploading videos or photos on social media. For instance, Alcazar wedding resort is very popular among celebrities due to its French constructional works and other amenities. Many artists have performed their marriage ceremonies, and by seeing them, other people also have set the trend to celebrate marriages, thereby investing a huge sum of money. In addition, the status quo is another reason to make the celebrations bigger. To elaborate, people want appreciation and to prove themselves as a prominent personality in society, making marriages bigger and high-priced. Sometimes it happens in various societies that the masses need to spend more so they can’t become a victim of sarcasm.

In my perspective, it is a negative development as people become extravagant and throw money in such a way that sometimes becomes the cause of their poverty. What’s more, to prepare food, much energy is used in the form of workers’ hard work as well as fuel. Thus it is not only a waste of food, but also it is a wastage of human labour and fuel. It seems a paradoxical situation when in one nation, a large amount of money is being spent on food, much food remains uneaten, and that food is thrown at landfill sites. In contrast, the natives of other countries are dying from starvation. So it is very unhealthy for our society and a nation.

To conclude, it is a current that by following prominent personalities, people prepare themselves to invest more in marriages, and they get compliments from others. Still, this trend has a negative impact on others as these and money lavishly on these and much food left uneaten.

Sample 2

At present, it is observed that wedding celebrations are more luxuries with high cost. This essay will discuss the reasons for this, and I believe that this approach is negative development in society.

To begin with, the reason for utilizing a high amount of money for marriage is that it is a symbol of social status. To make it more clear, the families are showing their wealth to society by using extravagant high decorations and exquisite food in the marriage ceremony. For instance, the daughter of Mukesh Ambani (CEO OF AMBANI GROUP OF COMPANIES) was married in the year 2020, and there were almost 8000 people; therefore, they spent a high amount of money that showed their social status to these guests. Furthermore, celebrities are spending a massive amount of money on marriage; therefore community might think they also try their marriage like this. It means most of them are imitating some celebrities’ marriages.

In addition, extensive and expensive marriages have negatively affected society firstly, it raises the number of singles. As an explanation, the number of marriages will decrease in younger adults due to the lack of financial capability .for example, the study shows that in India, almost 30 % of women are not getting married because they cannot afford to the money. Moreover, emulate in other families and spending too much money on the wedding will be a financial burden for many families.

To conclude, recently, marriages are more extensive and expensive because it shows their social status as well as they are imitating celebrities. However, I believe that it is a negative impact because it reduces the number of marriages and it will lead to a financial burden on some families.

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