With the Increase in the Use of Mobile Phones and Computers

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With the increase in the use of mobile phones and computers, fewer people are writing letters. Some people think that the traditional skill of writing letters will disappear completely. To what extent do you agree or disagree? How important do you think it is?

With the advancement in technology as well as the availability of modern electronic gadgets, people constantly converse with their loved ones via these and writing letters to kith and kin have become obsolete, and I completely agree that it will vanish with the passing time. In this modernization era, I opine that the traditional way of writing has no more value, and I will elaborate on my point of view in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, the usage of electronic gadgets is mushrooming astronomically, and this trend has lead people to write less to convey messages to their loved ones. The reason being it’s an instant response, time-saving tools as well as it keeps the persons updated. So people are leaving old methods of communications. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, it can be said that it will vanish entirely in the coming days. For instance, the availability of multiple apps for both shopping as well as communication has made the life of people convenient. Now people, in order to save their time and money in case of transportation, like to convey their feelings through what’s an app, Facebook, Twitter, and to name but a few. Thus they are forgetting the traditional way of writing letters.

Apart from it, people are now more liberal and updated, so they consider it right to flow with time. This thing also makes them adhesive to this cutting edge technology, and I think it is the right decision as man has gained great achievement in all spheres of life. So, sticking to the old way of communication will not bring them prosperity. The classic example of it can be seen in recent times. Due to the corona pandemic. It was difficult for all to be social with others in person. So, here technology-assisted a lot in connecting people not only with their loved ones but also with their doctors, boss etc.

In conclusion, Thus people are adopting electronic gadgets for conversing with others and leaving old ways of writing letters. I think it is imperative to keep oneself abreast with the outer world, and embracing advanced tools is a good option for people to seek prosperity in life.

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