You Are Relocating to A New City. Write a Letter to An Agent to Arrange a House for You and Your Family

You are relocating to a new city. Write a letter to an agent to arrange a house for you and your family. In your letter, you should tell:-

  • when you will relocate?
  • why you are relocating?
  • what kind of house do you want?

Dear Mr Lawrence

This is in reference to my requirement for a new apartment, and I am looking to relocate to Alwar along with my family, as I am changing my job. Hopefully, I will be reaching on the 2nd of next month and wants you to arrange an apartment in advance.

I have four members in my family, consisting of my wife and two children. I am looking for an apartment with 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a medium size kitchen. It will be preferred if the apartment has its own garden and parking facility. The apartment shall be close to the bus stand and market for easy commute and grocery shopping.

My Budget is limited to a maximum of 15000 per month, excluding electricity and water consumption. Immediate action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely

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