Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored

Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored

  • Where you went?
  • Why were you bored there?

Once, I attended a wedding of a distant relative of mine. It was on the 28th of November 2019. I clearly remember this date because it was just a day before my birthday. After the rituals, I including my family had lunch and joined a group of family members in the backyard. Since I was new to many of them, I cornered myself to the other end. There came 2 old people and started introducing them. I was very pleased with their presence and requested them to sit with me. In the first two minutes, we discussed and described the wedding. Very shortly, the old men started drifting the conversation to some other topic which I was unaware of. It was all about politics. They expressed their views and ideas about the current political situation of the state. I did not have much to stay and started getting bored. I couldn’t run away from their site as they had eye contact with me while they were discussing.  This was a very uncertain moment where I felt extreme discomfort and was bored

1. Why do people get bored?

People usually get bored when they engage in unpleasant situations which they are not used to and unaware of. This situation emerges when people can’t express their opinion and ideas to the opposite environment.

2. What are the reasons that some people less interested in reading books nowadays?

People nowadays are less interested in reading books. This is because everyone is busy using their mobile phones. Technology has done a behavioral change in humans that they get all at their fingertips. Even the soft copies of books are available in these man-made technologies. In a nutshell, people get information through these gadgets like mobile, laptop, etc. which drive them away from the habit of reading books.

3. Why do some people choose boring jobs?

People choose boring jobs when there is a lack of opportunities. Not every person goes behind their interests or waits till they possess one. Some are forced to choose boring jobs due to their lifestyle and to earn a living. Therefore selecting a boring job is completely uncertain and unfortunate.

4. Are all the boring jobs going to be done by robots in the future

No. Not all the boring jobs are going to be done by robots in the future. From my point of view, no jobs can attain perfection until it is emotionally attached to a mind. Emotionless machines or robots will never fulfill the needs of humans. Lesser opportunities and unemployment eliminates the chances of robots performing human jobs.

This is the end of speaking cue-card: (Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored)

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2 thoughts on “Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored”

  1. tejas dalwandi

    It’s rare for me to feel bored when I’m around other people, but there’s one experience that sticks out in my mind.

    I was taking an international bus between London and Prague. It was due to be a 19 hour trip in total, one of the longest I’ve ever taken. I’d usually fly, but my luggage was too heavy to fly with and the bus was the only option.

    I imagined that if the journey was so long, not many people would want to buy a ticket, but I was wrong. The bus was packed and every seat was taken.

    Most of the time when I want to keep myself occupied I’ll wear headphones, especially if I don’t want to talk to my seatmate. Most people understand it as a clear signal and don’t disturb me, but this elderly gentleman completely disregarded it and struck up a conversation with me. I wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of talking to anyone, but I humored him for a while out of politeness.

    He droned on about his personal pet peeves, the conspiracy theories he believed in, and the medical discoveries he claimed to have made. I felt bored to death but he kept on going no matter what. I looked at the clock and I calculated that there was going to be another 12 hours of sitting next to him.

    I started to think of strategies to get away from this man. Everything I’d tried so far had failed. The bus finally made its first stop. Passengers disembarked and some more arrived. I had a quick look around the bus and spotted a handful of seats that appeared to be free. I double checked and asked the bus attendant if any of those seats were going to be free for the remainder of the journey. She nodded and said they were all going to be free.

    I felt a breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I didn’t have listen to him. I put my headphones in, gazed out of the window, and fell asleep for the remainder of the journey.

    I vowed on that day never to take such a long bus ride ever again.

  2. Ngwa Joel fuh

    I am a very social person who likes to go along with all types of
    people. However, I have had some encounters that did not really go
    well for me. I would like to talk about a dinner I had with some of my
    colleagues that got me bored all day. On this fateful day, we all
    decided to visit a local restaurant in their native village a couple of
    miles away from the city where we lived. It was a wonderful and

    fantastic journey all through and we finally arrived after fours hours
    of driving.
    After exchanging pleasantries with some locals, we set out to the
    restaurant. It was well decorated, organise and clean area but what
    really kept me aside was the language used in communication. Almost
    everybody uses the local language and strangers are look upon as
    second class people. The worst part of it was that even my friends at
    this very desperate moment despised me. They did not even assist me
    in translating or making me understand whatever they are discussing.
    I was so shy and fell not to belong to in their discussion. It kept me
    silence until the end of the day. Such degree of boredom has never
    been experienced in my life and I regret ever going out with them.

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