Describe a Time When You Tried to Do Something but It Was Not Very Successful

Describe a time when you tried to do something but it was not very successful

  • What you tired to do?
  • What is, was it?
  • Why did you fail to do it?
  • How did you feel about it?

Well, many times, people make plans, but due to losing strategies, they sometimes get failed to make their plans successful. Similarly happened to me when I tried to make a plan to visit Manali. I was over the moon making this arrangement. Out of the blue, I made a plan by consulting with my parents. So without a hitch, we started our journey on Sunday.

We didn’t pre-check the accommodation because we were in great ecstasy, but things got worse when we reached the spot, and we didn’t find the ideal accommodation. We visited door to door hotels, but all were occupied. We were in great distress because our mood had got spoilt.

We felt sorry for not making an advance booking, and on top of that, we had to return back on the same day. We were very exhausted due to the tiresome journey. We couldn’t enjoy it, and we reached home very late. All in all, it was an awful experience.


Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Time When You Tried to Do Something, but It Was Not Very Successful

Question 1. Is it important to have goals in life in order to feel happy?

Yes, goals are very important in order to lead a happy life because if people will set goals and they will try to achieve those goals and when they will attain, and it will give them immense happiness. Without a goal in life, life is like a fish without water.

Question 2. Do you think people will be happy if they don’t have goals to achieve?

No, they will not be happy because goals help them do something new in their life, and people will be busy achieving them and will remain away from stress. So goals must be in everyone’s life in order to lead a prosperous life.

Question 3. In general, how do people judge or assess the success of others?

People judge the success of others by seeing their wealth, their reputation in society as well as their luxurious lifestyle that they lead. Sometimes, they read their biography and know how much struggle they have done in order to get success.

Question 4. Do you think that mistakes can help people achieve the greatest success?

Yes, mistakes can help a lot in becoming successful in life. People learn from their past experiences, and they try to improve those mistakes and make new strategies to achieve success; as is ever said that to error is human. So people commit mistakes again and again, and every time they learn something new and create milestones.

Question 5. What skills are important for business success?

Well, good strategies, good communication skills and polite behaviour with the clients are essential for making any business successful. In addition, marketing techniques play a vital role in any business. The entrepreneur must have a cordial relationship with their customers. Credibility is indispensable in any business.

Question 6. What are the reasons for failure?

When people don’t plan, and if they plan, they plan haphazardly, so they cannot execute their planning on time, and they face failure in business. Apart from it, lose contact with people is also a reason for getting despair in business.

Question 7. What does it take to become successful?

To become successful in life, one needs dedication, commitment to work as well as good planning; only then people would be able to get success. If a person makes good strategies but doesn’t execute on time, then all the planning in vain. So good planning and executing on time play an indispensable role in achieving success.

Question 8. Why is it that some people achieve success faster?

Some people get success faster because they are very ambitious and they are good planners as well as they meet the deadlines on time. I think these are the reasons that make them more successful than others. In addition, they have good marketing techniques as well as they build good reputation in society which help them in earning name and fame and they become successful overnight.

Question 9. Do you believe being successful and making a lot of money are the same thing?

Well, it varies from person to person. Some person considers a person is successful if he or she has a lot of money while some consider being successful and having a lot of money are two different things. But in my perspective, these are the same things as when people have a lot of money, good reputation only then they are considered successful.

Question 10. How do people achieve success at school?

People achieve success at school by getting good rewards as well as establishing good records in sports as well as in academic programs. Apart from it, making valuable works for the school like community work also play a vital role in attaining success.

Question 11. Which do you think is more important, academic success or success in more practical, everyday skills?

In my perspective, according to changing scenario, academic success is more important because if people have good academic records, then they will be able to get good jobs in their life, and good jobs will bring a hefty amount to them. They will be able to lead a prosperous life. So I think academic success is more important than everyday skills.

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