September 2023 To December 2023 Cue Cards With Answers Updating

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Hey students, in this article, we’ll discover a bunch of cue cards together with extremely easy answers that are allied with September to December 2023. As all of us are aware, it’s the most common way to achieve an 8777 score in IELTS.

IELTS is an International English language exam that examines our skills in English Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking. It’s mandatory to pay full attention to all sections to get desired band scores. While it’s commonly seen that the Speaking module is quite easier and less complex than other modules, many of us are still facing problems in Speaking. 

According to a recent student survey that revealed many students are concerned about speaking fluently and organizing their natural and well-supported ideas and thoughts to give a satisfactory and engaging response. If you are also in the same boat and facing similar challenges, Rexeled! We’ve got a solution to help you to resolve these issues. 

In this article, we’ve compiled speaking cue cards for the period from September 2023 to December 2023. By exploring these up-to-date cue card lists, you’ll boost your confidence and improve your chances of getting a commendable band score in the IELTS exam. For daily mock tests, follow our Telegram channel @IELTSFEVER and join us on Instagram @IELTSFevertests for even more updates. Let’s catch the IELTS fever together!

September 2023 To December 2023 Cue Cards With Answers

1 Describe an Occasion when You Spent Time with A Child
2 Describe an Occasion when You Got Lost
3 Describe a Piece of Clothing You Wear Most Often
4 Describe an Occasion when You Got Incorrect Information
5 Describe a Place Away from Your Home You Want to Visit in The Future
6 Describe an Enjoyable Experience in Your Childhood
7 Describe a Game You Played in Your Childhood
8 Describe a New Store/ Shop in your town or city. Sample 2
9 Describe an Invention Sample 2 Sample 3
10 Describe a Car Journey You Had
11 Describe a Book You Have Read Many Times Sample 2
12 Describe a Person You Know Who Moved Into New Accommodation
13 Describe a Popular Person
14 Describe a Film You Watched Recently that You Felt Disappointed About
15 Describe Someone You Know Who Often Helps Others. Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4
16 Describe an Ideal House or Apartment Where You Want to Live
17 Describe an Adventure that You Would Like to Take in The Future
18 Describe an Important Decision that You Once Made
19 Describe an Expensive Gift You Want to Give Someone When You Save
20 Describe a Water Sport You Want to Try in The Future Sample 2 Sample 3
21 Describe a Speech Experience You Had
22 Describe a Time You Went to A Place Where There Were a Lot of People
23 Describe an Interesting Job
24 Describe an Important Traditional Festival in Your Country Sample 2
25 Describe a Sports Program You Like
26 Describe a Time When You Laughed at The Wrong Timeor moment
27 Describe a Time When You Got Nervous While Speaking in Public
28 Talk About a Famous Chef or Cookbook Author Whom You Admire*
29 Describe a Moment when You Stepped Out Of Your Comfort Zone*
30 Describe a Time When The Internet Did Not Solve Your Problem*
31 Describe a Time You Went out With One or Two Friends and Did an Activity Together*
32 Describe the Place of Great Scenic Beauty that You Recently Visited*
33 Describe a Time when Your Entire Family Was Together
34 Describe a Memorable Movement that Happened While Using Your Mobile Phone
35 Talk about a change you would like to bring in your personality
36 Talk about a rule at school
37 Talk about a friend you would like to talk to
38 Talk about a time when Noise Disturbed you
39 Describe an adventurous experience you had
40 Describe your favourite wild animal
41 Talk about your favourite toy in childhood
42 Talk about your ambition related to space
43 Talk about a music festival in your country
44 Talk about a person who likes to cook for others
45 Talk about a well-known person you are interested
46 Talk about a city you would recommend to live to others
47 Describe a subject you would like to continue in future
48 Describe a time when you did a lengthy calculation without using a calculator
49 Describe a Place you like but don’t want to live in the future
50 Talk about a person who runs a successful business
51 Describe a park or a garden in your city
52 Describe an advertisement that you don’t like
53 Describe a historical period you would like to know more about
54 Describe a piece of good news you heard from others
55 Describe an unusual meal that you had
56 Talk about a thing you complained about something (but finally got a good result)
57 Describe an activity that made you feel tired
58 Describe an actor or actress whom you admire
59 Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work
60 Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting
61 Describe a difficult thing you did and succeeded
62 Describe an area of science (biology, robotics, etc.) that you are interested in and would like to learn more about
63 Describe an activity you enjoyed in your free time when you were young
64 Describe a character from a movie
65 Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways
66 Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with. You should say
67 Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop
68 Describe a place/ country in which you would like to live/ work for a short period of time
69 Describe a course that you want to learn
70 Describe an achievement/success you are proud of
71 Describe a person who enjoys cooking for others
72 Describe a time you used your cellphone/ smartphone to do something important
73 Describe a photo that you took and are proud of
74 Describe a party that you enjoyed.
75 Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting
76 Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed
77 Describe an object you find particularly beautiful
78 Describe a foreigner who speaks your native language (Hindi) very well
79 Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about
80 Describe a website which helped you to do something/website you visit often/ use regularly
81 Describe a daily routine that you enjoy
82 Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed
83 Describe something that surprised you and made you happy
84 Describe a person who always has interesting ideas or opinions
85 Describe a person you would like to study or work with
86 Describe an occasion when you waited a long time for a nice thing
87 Describe a place where there was a lot of noise/ Describe a noisy place you have been
88 Describe a valuable item that you would like to give as a gift
89 Talk about an interesting old person you met recently
90 Describe a piece of technology that you find difficult to use
91 Describe a problem you had while shopping online or in a store
92 Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone
93 Describe a good advertisement that you think is useful
94 Describe something that you did with someone/ a group of people
95 Describe a time when you were late
96 Describe a successful businessperson you know
97 Describe a place you visited where the air was polluted
98 Describe your experience when you changed your school/college
99 Describe a difficult task that you completed at work/study that you felt proud of
100 Describe a crowded place you have visited
101 Describe an important thing you learned, not at school or college
102 Describe a time when you had a problem with using the computer
103 Describe something you taught to your friend/relative.
You should say:
104 Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know
105 Describe a beautiful city
106 Describe a drawing/painting that you like
107 Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted /a gift you received
108 Describe a development in your country like a shopping centre, park, etc
109 Updating Soon
110 Updating Soon

Are you wondering if this new cue card list will be helpful? The answer is yes! This list can help boost your self-confidence and provide information to you on how to get ready for the cue cards so that you can achieve a higher band score. In this post, we’re sharing the latest cue card topics with unique sample answers for practice to get the desired band score. The abovementioned topics are recently updated or asked in real exams at different locations. If your exam is between September 2023 and December 2023, prepare such cue cards to reach your goal. We made this list based on experience, thinking it’s likely to be accurate. But remember, predictions are just guesses, so you might get different questions in the real exam. So, practice as much as possible and be ready to think creatively.

This new cue card list is imperative for much better scores in the Speaking module, but you should also look at samples from May 2023 to August 2023. If you are expecting high band scores like 8+ in Speaking, you should remember two major things: don’t memorize the whole given sample answer, as you can get the ideas from them and your personal natural and accurate features such as idiomatic expressions, collocations, and simple and complex sentences. Also, even though these sample answers are recommended and might appear in the real exam, keep practicing and be prepared for other questions too.

It’s mandatory to not only focus on the latest cue cards but also necessarily important to review those from May 2023 to August 2023. Furthermore, be sure to read up on the IELTS speaking test and gather all the information you need to excel in this section.

We are excited to share that this article offers up-to-date model responses for the speaking section, covering September 2023 to December 2023. For self-study, just click on any topic to see its straightforward answer. We hope this website supports you in achieving your desired band score in the IELTS exam.

We understand that you may have concerns or questions about the speaking section. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or leave your valuable feedback in the comment section of this post. By doing so, we can assist you in achieving a better speaking score. Additionally, feel free to share your personal exam experiences with us, including any questions you encountered, by commenting here as well.

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