IELTS Speaking Test: May 2022 To Aug 2022 Cue Card List With Answers

✔️✔️✔️Greetings, fellow exam participants! IELTS Speaking Test: May 2022 to Aug 2022 Cue Card List with answers can be found in this article. Everyone who is taking the IELTS exam hopes to get a perfect score on their first try. Students struggled the most with the speaking part of the IELTS exam, although all sections are equally crucial in achieving a desirable band score. It’s because they’re concerned about how to communicate with the examination and organize their thoughts in a way that will impress the examiner.

As a result, you now have the solution to all of your IELTS test-taking concerns. From IELTS Speaking Test: May 2022 To Aug 2022 Cue Card List With Answers, we are providing speaking cue cards. Your exam performance will improve and your confidence level will soar as a result of using this cue card list. For daily sample tests, join our IELTSFEVER telegram group. You may also follow IELTSFEVER Instagram for the Latest Updates and Daily Mock Tests.

Now, we’ll explain to you how this cue card list works. You can practice at home by reading sample responses to these new cue card questions. From May 2022 to August 2022, these are the cue card themes that have recently been updated or have been frequently requested.  When it comes to predictions, you know they’re nothing more than a guess. You need to prepare and practice as much as you can and be prepared to rethink outside the box in order to succeed in a genuine exam.

Continue to read more samples from January to April of 2022 if you want to improve your findings. Keep in mind two things: don’t memorize the entire sample Answer, and don’t steal ideas from the sample answers. These samples are 100% authentic, but you still need to practice and be prepared for additional questions on the actual exam in order to get an accurate score.

IELTS Speaking Test: May 2022 To Aug 2022 Cue Card List With Answers


1 Describe a Toy that you liked when you were a child / Describe a toy you liked in your childhood
2 Talk about a war not related to Ukraine and Russia
3 Describe an occasion when you received a special cake from others
4 Describe a story someone told you and you remember
5 Describe a place in the village you visited
6 describe a crime you were involved in
7 Talk about a person who works on space exploration Sample 2
8 Describe a Crime You Were Involved in
9 Describe an interesting thing you learned from another country
10 Describe a skill that you learned from older people
11 Describe a new place that you visited
12 talk about a robot you really like
13 Describe a rule that you don’t like
14 Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way
15 Describe an activity that you do to keep fit
 16 Describe an ambition you have not achieved
17 describe an interesting city you think is very interesting 
18 Describe a lesson that you remember well
19 Describe a day when you woke up very early
20 Describe a person who contributes to the society
21 Describe a course that impressed you a lot
22 Describe a time when you prepared for a happy event successfully
23 Describe someone older than you whom you admire
24 Describe a good service you received
25 Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about
26 Describe a house or apartment you would like to live in
27 Describe an item on which you spent more than expected
29 Talk about a time when you observed stars
 30 Describe something you cannot live without( not a computer or mobile)
31 Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired
32 Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop
33 Describe a popular music group (or, a singer) in your country
34 Describe a Fish Market you visited
35 Describe a crop, Plant or vegetable you are familiar with
36 Talk about a time when something or someone made a lot of noise
37 Describe a resolution you made for the new year
38 Describe a long walk you had Sample 2
39 Talk about chocolate you did not like
40 Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend
41 Describe a time when you need to use your imagination
42 Describe an interesting discussion you had with your friend
43 Talk about a time when you received positive feedback (comment) for the work you did
44 Describe a song that means something special to you
45 Describe your favourite movie
46 Describe a piece of clothes that you received as a gift 
47 Talk about a fishing area you visited
48 Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on the internet Sample 2 Sample 3
49 Describe a person you follow on social media
50 Describe a person that you like to spend time with Sample 2
51 Describe a time when you were stuck in a traffic jam
52 Describe a thing you did to learn another language. Sample 2 Sample 3
 53 Describe a product or service you got for free / Describe something you received for free
54 Talk about a childhood photograph you do not like Sample 2
55 Describe an invention that has changed how people live Sample 2
56 Describe a place you visited on vocation Sample 2
57 Talk about an introverted person
58 Describe someones love marriage story
59 Talk about a family member with whom you would like to work in the future +
60 Talk about an important river or lake in your hometown or country
61 Talk about a discussion on the money you had
62 Talk about a traditional object of your country +
63 Describe a foreign person who you have heard or known that you think is interesting
64 Describe a city or town where you would like to live in the future Sample 2
65 Describe a time when you were kidnapped
66 Talk about a person with you whom you created great memories in your primary school
68 Describe a positive change in your life
69 Talk about an important/special event you celebrated
70 Talk about an interesting neighbor
71 Describe a competition you would like to take part in
72 Talk about something that helps you concentrate
73 Describe something important that you lost
74 Describe something that saves your time
75 Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in
76 Describe an interesting thing you have learned from a foreign culture
77 Describe a difficult decision that you once made Sample 2
78 Describe a creative person whose work you admire
79 Describe a story someone told you and you remember
80 Describe an activity that you usually do that wastes your time*
81 Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn
82 Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member
83 Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading*
84 Describe an art or craft activity that you had at school
85 Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study*
86 Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like Sample 2
87 Describe a time when you are waiting for something special that would happen
88 Describe a difficult thing you did
89 Describe a cafe you like to visit Sample 2
90 Describe a time you bought something from a street market
91 Describe a friend you like to talk with
92 Updating Soon
93 Updating Soon
94 Updating Soon
95 Updating Soon
96 Updating Soon

It’s still a good idea to read them from January 2022 to April 2022 as well. Also, check out IELTS SPEAKING TEST: EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW.

From May 2022 to August 2022, we have prepared a list of cue cards with sample answers to questions about speaking.

You can practice by clicking on any of the items on the list to learn more. We sincerely hope that the information on this page will assist you in achieving the IELTS band score you seek.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them in the comment box below. If you have any questions or concerns about this content, please leave a comment below. How we can assist you to improve your speaking skills is this way: Additionally, you have the option of commenting on individual exam questions to share your knowledge with the rest of the class.

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